What people are saying

We luckily ran out of space for all of the lovely things clients had to say! Take a peek below to read about how our doulas are making a positive difference for all the families we serve!

"My husband was very apprehensive about hiring a doula, he felt it would hinder our ability to be close during birth...at the end of our experience he kept saying "I don't know how we could have done that without Kristin's help!" I can't express how grateful we were for Kristin's support! Yes, having Kristin present made it possible to spend almost 24 hours laboring naturally and she supported us through an array of challenging interventions that followed. As labor progressed into "high risk" Kristin's support helped us stick to our birth plan to avoid a C-section. She came with many helpful strategies that made labor more comfortable and made it possible for my husband to stay by my side for 30+ hours."

The fact that Julie knew her way around the hospital, knew hospital staff, and seemed at home at St. Joe East made a bigger difference to me than I would have thought. I felt like she “got” us the best nurses and care possible. We have never felt better cared for. Truly. As soon as Julie walked into the room, I felt myself relax. It’s not that I gave my power to her, but more that there was a calm presence in a room that was previously filled with fear. Her presence truly changed the dynamic and I was able to stop feeling like I had to make the nurses happy by being low maintenance and agreeable. I was able to refocus on what I wanted for my labor. My partner felt like she truly had support during labor. She felt like Julie was there more for her than me.........I, of course, feel like Julie was there more for me than her, which just means that Julie did an excellent job of supporting both my partner and myself.
— Shannon
The gentle reminders to relax and the encouragement that I was doing great was exactly what I needed to hear! Her presence at my sons birth was invaluable. Deb, we love you! We’ll see you for the next one!
— Alicia
Having a doula present is far more valuable to the birth experience than having family or friends present. A doula’s knowledge of the process and familiarity due to exposure time frames (birth experiences are not spaced years apart) is far superior than the limited experience of a relative or friend. Our doula provided moral support, guidance or options when questions arose, and assistance with comfort tasks like keeping fluids available and relief of discomfort by massaging and aromatherapy. She was a perfect substitute for me (husband) when I had to get away for a short period. I had to leave twice so I could get food and go home to let my dogs out. These two excursions were refreshing as I do not particularly like hospitals and the fresh air while out allowed my mind to recuperate for the remainder of the birthing. This allowed me to fully support my wife through the final hours of her birthing time.
— Bill