Can I purchase a gift certificate?

Yes, you can purchase a gift certificate! Call us, or contact us online for more information.


What is a doula?

A doula is a non-medical provider who gives continuous emotional, physical, and informational support to women and their chosen birth team. Doulas are there to allow seamless navigation through the birth process with easy-to-understand explanations and suggestions for positioning during labor, and to apply and suggest comfort techniques for discomfort during labor and birth.

Read: “What is the Evidence for Doulas?” by Rebecca Dekker, PhD, RN, APRN.


Does certification matter?

 At The Birth Haven, we believe that doulas are professionals and we strive to give optimal care to the people we serve. Certification gives credibility, consumer protection and peace of mind. Rest assured that our doulas abide by the highest of standards and participate in continuing education. All doulas working with The Birth Haven are certified, must maintain current credentialing with well known and professional organizations and must be insured.   www.prodoula.com,  www.Hypnobabies.com


What if I already have a birth partner?

Research shows that continuous support from a non-family/friend decreases health risks to both women and their babies significantly and increases satisfaction with the birth experience. Birthing women aren’t the only ones in need of support during pregnancy and birth. Birth partners benefit from a doulas presence just as much and sometimes more than the woman in labor. The most skeptical birth partners are typically the ones passing out information about doulas to everyone seemingly pregnant after they realize the value of doula services.


When should we contact The Birth Haven about hiring a doula?

 To take full advantage of all we have to offer, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible! Many clients hire in their first trimester, but we've accepted  clients as late as 39 weeks. Hiring earlier allows more opportunity to build relationships with your doulas!


Do you accept insurance?

Doulas are non clinical support and therefore not covered by insurance. Flexible spending or health savings accounts do sometimes cover doula services. Please check with your FSA/HSA company for more details. We can provide an invoice for services, which is often reimbursed directly to you!


What if I want an epidural?

We are here to support your decisions, no matter what. That includes the decision to have pain medication of your choosing. You can expect unconditional support from our doulas – we believe that you know what’s best for you and your baby. We also believe that you have chosen your doctor/midwife/hospital team for a reason. We are there to be a fabulous addition to that team!


Do you attend homebirths?

The Birth Haven doulas support births in all settings where a skilled and legal attendant is present with a qualified assistant. The Birth Haven doulas do not work outside of our scope of practice so an extra set of hands for emergencies is necessary. We are there to simply support the family emotionally, physically and informationally during their birth.


Do you travel outside of Lexington?

We attend births in Lexington, along with Stanford, Danville, Frankfort, and Richmond

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check and all major credit cards. 


How do I hire one of the doulas?

Please email us or give us a call. We are happy to set up your complimentary consult with one of our teams!

Do you offer nanny's

Although we don't classify ourselves as nanny's, the services we offer can be used as nanny services. We offer nights, days and 24/7 support to families desiring those types of services. Contact us for information about packages!

Do you offer yoga, massage, acupuncture, and childbirth education ?

The Birth Haven is dedicated to doula services only. Baby Moon of Lexington is a delightful resource dedicated to women and families during pregnancy and postpartum and offers a wide variety of therapies and classes to fit every need. Stop by and see them- you won't regret it! 




FAQ for Doulas

How do I become a doula within your group?

The Birth Haven is always accepting resumes for doulas desiring to join the group! Doulas are added as space becomes available. Please contact us if you feel that you would be an asset to our team! We would love to consider you for the position.


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