Why hire our professional doulas?

Qualified and Experienced

 Each doula we work with brings a skill set that can’t be duplicated. We maintain professional accreditation and certification with multiple organizations, including ProDoula, DONA,  Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis, Childbirth International and CAPPA. Our doulas are qualified, insured and well-equipped to provide individualized emotional, physical, and informational support throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Being a doula is not only a passion for us, it's our profession.

From pregnancy questions to what to do about swollen ankles to preparing to breastfeed, if you have a question: Just ask!  We’re here to help!


24/7 On Call Rotation

With our On Call services, a friendly face – and our amazing team – are just moments away. Maybe you didn't think you would need a doula and suddenly realize you do. Maybe you just moved into town and thought all of the doulas would be booked. Whether you still have a few weeks left or your already in labor, pick up the phone and let us help! 


Your Birth is Not About Us – It’s About You!

 We support any and every type of birth: unmedicated, medicated, planned Cesarean section, twins, home, and hospital.  No matter what you choose, The Birth Haven doulas will fully support your decisions, your preferences, and your birth.

Our Specialties include unmedicated birth, birth assisted by medication, inductions, Hypnobabies, The Bradley Method, planned and unplanned Cesareans, VBAC and more!