Nothing says summertime more like an ice cream cone. 

Making summer memories with your family can be simple and sweet. 

Lexington has some ice cream destinations to make your family's summer a little bit sweeter. No matter what your favorite flavor is, our local ice cream top five will satisfy any sweet tooth.

1. Crank and Boom Ice Cream Lounge

Our first stop might just be the coolest ice cream shop in Kentucky. Crank and Boom features an inviting atmosphere with an interesting assortment of craft ice cream flavors. There's no mistake that this ice cream spot is Lexington's most popular, with bright and fresh local ingredients. Whether you go straight for the quirky flavors like blueberry lime cheesecake or opt for a more traditional float, Crank and Boom can't be beat.

2. Graeter's Ice Cream

If you're looking for a more classic ice cream parlor experience, Graeter's is the place to go. Graeter's has vintage malt shop classics from shakes and floats to sundaes complete with home made toppings. Going on a family outing? They even offers a complete to-go ice cream party in a box kept chilled for up to 8 hours on dry ice.This Lexington staple is a family friendly ice cream pit stop that the whole family can enjoy. 

3. The Sweet Spot

This diamond in the rough is home to some of Lexington's sweetest treats. Satisfy your mid-day sweet tooth with one of the cake truffles or desserts to go with your favorite ice cream. This charming spot draws a lunchtime crowd with their freshly made confections and irresistible ice cream treats. Make The Sweet Spot your next lunchtime pit stop, complete with friendly service and a delicious dessert (Or two).

4. Sav's Chill

If you crave crazy flavors, Sav's Chill should be your first stop. Flavors here will not disappoint and they'll be sure to bring out your wild side. If you're an ice cream purist, your traditional favorites are still safe here so there's no need to worry. Decadent gelato and fresh fruit sorbet are regular staples at Sav's. Make your next trip for ice cream a little more adventurous with their signature "Bourbon Ball" or the "Hot Banana", who knows if you'll ever go back to plain ol' vanilla. 

5. Sorella Gelateria

Sometimes you need a little more fancy in your life, and Italian gelato is artfully fancy. Fresh gelato is second to none in the dessert world, as ice cream's sultry Italian cousin. Gelato is super rich, velvety and has the bold flavors that keep Lexington captivated and wanting more. At Sorella Gelateria, their gelato is expertly crafted in small batches to keep flavors fresh and exciting each time you visit. Whenever you're in the mood to indulge, Lexington's Sorella Gelateria should definitely make the top of your list. 

Now that we are completely craving some local ice cream, we hope your family finds their new favorite ice cream spot in Lexington from our ice cream hall of fame!

Now the only question scoop or two?

Make summer memories a little sweeter.