When it comes to placenta encapsulation, there's no place like home. 

Our placenta specialists want to make sure your encapsulation is a safe and professional experience, where you're welcome to watch the process and ask questions all in the familiar space of your own home. 


What are the Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation?

After childbirth, a woman's body has a lot of physical and emotional healing to do.

Placenta encapsulation offers a wide range of benefits that help women balance their chemistry during the postpartum period, restoring their hormones to their normal state.

Women can experience improved mood, increased milk production, and a shorter postpartum recovery. This all natural process has little to no negative side affects and has been a postpartum healing method for centuries in cultures around the world. 


Your placenta is precious cargo!

The transportation of your placenta is a delicate process in itself. Placing the responsibility to transport the placenta in the client's possession is added peace of mind. From here, families can be aware of the placenta's whereabouts and control the environment the placenta is stored. 

Your placenta should never have to leave your sight and your specialist comes to you to prepare this extraordinary holistic medicine. 


Why Encapsulate in Home? 

Encapsulating placenta is a meticulous process that requires sterilization from start to finish. Storing your placenta shouldn't be a mystery and we believe it should stay in your possession from birth to finished product. 

When the placenta preparation takes place at the client's home, they are in control of the environment and can be completely comfortable with the preparation area. 

In home encapsulation is the only standard to ensure that the placenta is being processed in a completely sterile environment and providing a personal experience each client can trust. 


What Sets Us Apart?

Our team of placenta encapsulation specialists are certified by ProDoula and are professionally trained to handle and prepare placenta for safe consumption.

We educate families about the benefits of placenta encapsulation and always encourage them to participate by asking questions or watching the process take place.

Our passionate team is setting out to create an experience for families and uphold the high standards in the field of placenta prep.

Our specialists only encapsulate in the homes of our clients to ensure the safest storage and preparation environment, where we can provide a quality product for healing mothers. 

If you are looking for more information about placenta encapsulation and how this process can help restore your postpartum health, consult with us. 

A Birth Haven Postpartum Placenta Specialist will walk you through the process, keeping you in the loop of what to expect, benefits and known side effects.