Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year!

From the scent of  freshly carved pumpkins to the crunch of freshly fallen leaves, it’s no wonder Halloween memories are some of the sweetest.

Families get the opportunity to dress up and adventure around the neighborhood collecting their favorite treats with friends. And although the Halloween risks aren’t like those of our parents’ generation, safety should still be a big priority while planning the evening’s activities.

We put together a list of our go-to safety tips to make your family’s Halloween a safe and memorable one!


Keep Costumes Safe

Without compromising the integrity of a quality costume idea, some added safety precautions can make a big difference with your excited little ones. Attaching a small reflector or blinking pin or the front and back of your child’s costume can help increase visibility when crossing the road at dusk and always keep them in your sight and under close watch.


Makeup Over Masks

Masks can be super scary and tie a character together, but for tiny faces it might become difficult to see at night. Costumes with low visibility increase the risk of falls and scraped knees are not the ideal costume accessory. Choosing makeup instead of a mask will keep faces free and clear. Choosing a hypoallergenic makeup will keep sensitive skin from breaking out. Avoid grease paint and go for a water activated cake makeup that is not only easier to apply but it dries comfortably, we recommend Wolfe Brothers makeup.


Travel in Packs

Traveling in larger groups is obviously the better option when going door to door around the neighborhood. Parents should work out a system that has one or two adults walking to the house with the kids and the rest standing by the street or walkway. This makes sure none of the kids go up to the house unattended and the candy going in their bags is closely monitored.


Treaters Beware

Although it’s rare for candy to be maliciously tampered with, there are other serious risks to keep in mind when checking your children’s Halloween candy. Allergies are a huge risk factor with small children and if your child has severe allergies to nuts, dairy or gluten sensitivities, be sure to monitor what goes into their treat pail at neighbors doors and to sort through candy that may be open or will cause potential risks. Keep in mind some smaller candy will pose choking hazards or contain things like gum that aren’t recommended for small kids.

Here’s some more tips for checking your kids’ Halloween candy this year.


Halloween can be an incredibly fun night out for the whole family without compromising safety.

Communicate with neighbors about times to begin trick or treating and ways that you can make your neighborhood trick or treater friendly and safer for smaller children, kids with disabilities, and known allergy risks.

Talk to your kids about the importance of safety on Halloween night leading up to their trick or treating experience and before you head out!