Julie Six


Julie found her passion for birth & postpartum work after the birth of her first child. Not long after, she obtained certifications through multiple organizations and began her career as a doula. After attending hundreds of births, she was faced with the reality that she simply couldn't be a doula for everyone, yet was determined to bring Central Kentucky families the best doulas the area had to offer. She opened The Birth Haven as a way to train and mentor doulas, and to grow the doula profession in Lexington, KY. It's her desire to provide professional services to those desiring optimal care and support during the childbearing years. Julie resides just outside of Lexington with her husband and three children. She enjoys cuddling up by the fire, a dangerous affection with handbags, and getting to do the work she loves to do. As she travels to train people to be doulas all over the world, her time for doula work has dwindled. Julie currently only accepts repeat clients, but is open to working with others dependent on availability. 


Owner of The Birth Haven

Owner of Baby Moon

ProDoula Labor Doula Certified

ProDoula Postpartum & Infant Care Doula Certified

ProDoula Postpartum Placenta Specialist Pre-Certified

ProDoula Training and Development Team

Prenatal Advisor

Childbirth International Birth Doula Certified

DONA International Birth Doula Certification  (previously certified)

Postpartum trained doula by a DONA International approved trainer

Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor

Hypnobabies Childbirth hypnosis Doula

BA Communications/Public Relations








“When labor began, Julie came to our house immediately after our phone call. She provided support during a very intense labor throughout the evening, night, morning, and well into the afternoon of the next day, continuously, without a break. It was extremely comforting to have her there in the hours before I was dilated enough for midwives to come to the hospital. Throughout the labor and birth she was there with encouraging words and physical comfort measures. We feel strongly that we could not have made it through the intensity of a completely unmedicated natural childbirth without the assistance of an excellent birth assistant such as Julie Six. We recommend her to anyone seeking the support of a doula, without reservation.”

- Alice and Brian 


“Thanks for everything you did in preparation for, during and after our birth. I am healing well and our little one is doing wonderful. Everything really worked out in a very positive way and you know I was not convinced that was possible with a c-section!”

- Anna 


“Julie Six has been our doula for our first two children's births and will be for all our future babies. She has been by my side encouraging and supporting me for hours as I labored, praying beside my husband as I was unexpectedly rushed to surgery for a Caesarean with my first, and she shared tears of joy and laughter with us when my second was successfully delivered peacefully and naturally! Julie is a true example of selflessly serving with unwavering care, encouraging words and an ever calming touch. Her help is always perfectly timed and her intuition often leads her to give what I don't even know I need! We consider Julie a permanent part of our family as we welcome each new blessing into this world. Every birth we have learned is different and new, it's such a comfort to have her familiar face and comforting Spirit ever present for each one.”

- Katie Williams 

I would love to be a part of your birth story.

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