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Lexington's Best Night Nanny, Nanny, Postpartum Doulas, and Infant Care Specialists

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Choosing care for your infant is one of the most difficult decisions a new parent can make. The options are vast, so how do you decide what is best for you and your baby? Should you pick a Night nanny, nanny, Infant Care Specialist, Postpartum and Infant Care Doula, Baby Nurse or babysitter? It's easy to get overwhelmed by options, pricing, and packages. Here are a few pointers from the experts to help you as you move through this important process.

References: Do they have them and are they good?

Previous clients should rave about the services online and in person. A willingness to provide written statements or phone referrals is essential to knowing you are receiving optimal care from a tried and true resource in the community.

Our Postpartum and Infant Care Doulas come highly recommended from clients all over the Bluegrass. Just ask, and we can obtain the most current references possible. Remember, this isn't our hobby, this is our profession and it shows!  (We maintain confidentiality of all clients and therefore require express permission from them share referrals.)

Does the price fit the service?

$15 is what a teenaged babysitter charges and most families are not trusting their newborns to a sitter, especially overnight. Be sure to access credentials or vet the company through referrals before trusting your precious cargo to just anyone. Our infant care specialist doulas are vetted, certified by a professional organization, must complete continuing education to stay up to date, are insured, and come with the highest recommendations from our community. We can guarantee that our price will never be below standards of our profession-- believe us, we're worth it though!

Does the company stand completely behind their providers?

If a finders fee is the cost of doing business, that means the owner doesn't have a vested interest in what occurs after placement.  Our experts are contracted on a regular and ongoing basis and work is contractually bound for a term of service.  As such,  the owner has an active role in the practices, continuing education, and certifications of the individuals working for you and caring for your little one. We stand behind each of our experts as do each family they have served. Members of our infant care team love what they do and it shows!

Night nurse vs Postpartum and Infant Care Doulas vs Nanny?

Night nurses must have a nursing background and may or may not be active in their role within a hospital setting or outpatient care. Many provide out of hospital services for a variety of patients and do newborn care on the side.  Night nurses are skilled in physical care of the infant, but do not have the added expertise of caring for the family unit, providing sleep shaping guidance, lactation assistance for those breastfeeding, have a clear understanding of perinatal and postpartum mood disorders, and typically end services by the 6th week.

Postpartum and Infant Care Doulas care for the entire family unit. They are trained specifically for newborn care and are current with all AAP guidelines. As we've stated, newborns and parents are our specialty and we wouldn't have it any other way. Our doulas act as "nanny's" as the roles are not much different other than our additional expertise in newborn care and the care of family unit. Our services don't stop at 1 month, 6 week, or even a year unless you're ready. Our Doulas are available throughout your parenting journey!

Sill having trouble deciding what is best for your family? Lexington's most trusted Newborn Care Team is available for phone consults as well as in person interviews. Give us a call and we are happy to talk through your options as you come to a decision that best suits you and your newest family member. Whether you need extra sleep, guidance on feeding strategies, a listening ear, or help when going back to work, The Birth Haven has all of your needs covered with your specific goals in mind.




The Birth Super-Hero

My children think I have laser vision and a small implanted device within my ear canal that allow me to know their every move and thought process. They hear me yell through walls, correcting them for things they know I can't possibly know about. It's not true—I don’t have laser vision or super-hearing—but I'll never share my little secret!

I can give you a hint, though: As a doula, listening is a huge part of my job.  Not just listening with my ears, but listening with my eyes, my hands, and whatever special sixth sense tunes us in to the emotional states of the people around us.  That “super-listening” is a special doula skill that gives us a wealth of information about what our clients, their partners, and their care providers need and want.

As doulas, we support women in their decisions for birth and parenting, provide non-judgmental support, rub backs for hours, encourage birth partners if needed, and ensure that parents understand their options and are able to communicate with their care providers with greater ease. We are many things, but not super-human. We're not built with an ability to know our clients’ exact needs, thought processes, or desires in any given moment. But we are trained to LISTEN—even to what’s not being said, to assess, to do our best, and to follow the lead of each individual client to the best of our abilities.

As doulas, we need your feedback throughout your pregnancy and birth in order to give you the best experience possible. “Is the massage too firm? Let me adjust that for you! Is the juice too tart? How about some water instead?”  There will be times you may feel we are complete mind readers with laser focus and determination, but behind it all, we are also humans—skilled professionals, yes, but humans.   

Doulas are there to help you along your path to parenthood. We are there to listen to your needs and to act on them with grace and confidence.  We aren’t super-human or super-heroes.

No, if anyone deserves the title of super-hero, it's you and only you! You have grown a new human being, and are bringing that new little person out into the world, where you will nurture and grow him or her for a long time to come.  There is no super-power quite like that.  Wear your title proudly!




From Motherhood to Doulahood

A little more than ten years ago I birthed a son and became a mother. In the eight years that followed, I would birth six children. No twins. Six births- all unique, individual, and beautiful in their experiences. Yes, my sanity is intact. Yes, we do know what causes it (that's such a lame inquiry, by the way, and totally unoriginal). And no, it's not a competition- although what fun that would be!

Name it and it has probably been a component of one of my labors/births:

My labors have been induced, augmented, and have begun spontaneously. 

I have labored with and without pitocin.

I have both received and declined an epidural.

I have been group B strep positive as well as negative.

I have labored both with an IV and without an IV.

One of my children was birthed with the assistance of a vacuum.

I endured a third degree episiotomy (thanks to said vacuum).

I have birthed without so much as a single tear.

My fourth birth was 3 hours.

My sixth birth was 27 hours.

At my first birth, I approved all newborn procedures. At my sixth, I declined nearly every one.

You get it, right?

As a doula, my job and greatest desire is to support your wishes for your birth. My birth experiences were just that- mine. Each one played a role in making me the woman that I am today. My wishes for my first birth looked much different than the wishes that I had for my sixth birth. What I believe makes a birth beautiful will likely look much different than the women and families that I serve. 

I often tell expectant families that my births have made me a better doula. Despite one's best laid plans, labor can often take an unexpected turn. When an intervention becomes necessary or perhaps a mama makes an informed choice that is different than how she may have originally hoped events would have transpired, it is valuable for me, as her source of support, information, and advocacy, to come from a place where I can truly say, "I understand." Is a place of empathy necessary for a doula to serve a family well? Of course not. Many wonderful doulas are not yet mothers themselves. I speak merely of my own gratitude towards the experiences that have made me the doula that I am today.

The Birth Haven doulas, as a whole, are no different. As our website states:

"We support any and every type of birth: unmedicated, medicated, planned Cesarean section, twins, home, and hospital.  No matter what you choose, The Birth Haven will fully support your decisions, your preferences, and your birth."


Mandy King is a wife to David and mother to six amazing children. She adores working as a birth and postpartum doula. You can often find her browsing the aisles of Trader Joe's or loving on her family. To find out more about Mandy click here.



The Hypnobabies Birth of Bay!

On Saturday, October 19th Ben and I welcomed our son Bay Williams at 8:39 am in the morning.   We had a wonderful Hypnobabies birth!  My water broke at 4:00am Friday morning (...the night before Ben and I just finished our to-do list which included packing for the hospital and installing the car seat).  Also, we packed for a trip to Nashville on Thursday night as we were planning on leaving town for Nashville Friday morning for my sister's wedding (where I was going to be the matron of honor).  Unfortunately, we were not able to make that trip as Bay was born the same day she got married!

 After my water broke Ben and I stayed around the house for a while and then went to Melissa's (my midwife's) office around noon to get checked to make sure that my water did break.  At the Womankind Midwives office Kendra checked me and I was already dilated to 4 cm.  Ben and I went back home and stayed around the house until around 8pm when we headed to the hospital.  Once at the hospital our doula met us there. 

 During my birthing time Hypnobabies truly kept me calm and in control.  I had my CDs playing in the background the entire time.  Ben and Amy read from the scripts and used the cues with me when I needed them.  They were both perfect!  I also had an amazing nurse who was respectful of our birth wishes.  She was very friendly and helped out in any way that she could.  I later found out that she even stayed after her shift until the baby was born.  Melissa was also amazing!  She came to check on me soon after I arrived at the hospital and then came back in the early morning hours to give support during the final hours of my birthing time and to catch our baby.  Kendra was also present for the birth!  Kendra was an amazing leg holder and massager!  We also had a photographer there to capture the wonderful moments.  She was perfect!  Needless to say...I had the most AMAZING birth team! 

 During my birthing time I only felt pressure and I knew that I was in control the entire time.  Ben did a fantastic job encouraging and supporting me.  I had a very calm, quiet environment with the lights dim.  I also felt that my birthing time progressed quickly.  It was a beautiful experience for the both of us! 

 When I signed up for the Hypnobabies class I never imagined having a natural birth.  My main goal coming into Hypnobabies was to have the tools to keep my anxiety under control and to keep me calm and relaxed up to birthing time.  I never imagined even thinking about having a natural birth (it was never something that I thought that I could do).  After the first few classes I started believing that a natural Hypnobabies birth was something that I wanted and could do.  Ben and I both felt very educated, empowered, and in control of our pregnancy and birthing time. 

 I truly believe that I would not have had this wonderful of a birth experience without Hypnobabies.  I will use Hypnobabies with all of my future babies and will spread the word about Hypnobabies to all of the mommies-to-be that I know! 

 Our wonderful son, Bay, was 7 lbs. 11 oz., 21 in. long.  He is doing great and is growing quickly!