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The Hypnobabies Birth of Bay!

On Saturday, October 19th Ben and I welcomed our son Bay Williams at 8:39 am in the morning.   We had a wonderful Hypnobabies birth!  My water broke at 4:00am Friday morning (...the night before Ben and I just finished our to-do list which included packing for the hospital and installing the car seat).  Also, we packed for a trip to Nashville on Thursday night as we were planning on leaving town for Nashville Friday morning for my sister's wedding (where I was going to be the matron of honor).  Unfortunately, we were not able to make that trip as Bay was born the same day she got married!

 After my water broke Ben and I stayed around the house for a while and then went to Melissa's (my midwife's) office around noon to get checked to make sure that my water did break.  At the Womankind Midwives office Kendra checked me and I was already dilated to 4 cm.  Ben and I went back home and stayed around the house until around 8pm when we headed to the hospital.  Once at the hospital our doula met us there. 

 During my birthing time Hypnobabies truly kept me calm and in control.  I had my CDs playing in the background the entire time.  Ben and Amy read from the scripts and used the cues with me when I needed them.  They were both perfect!  I also had an amazing nurse who was respectful of our birth wishes.  She was very friendly and helped out in any way that she could.  I later found out that she even stayed after her shift until the baby was born.  Melissa was also amazing!  She came to check on me soon after I arrived at the hospital and then came back in the early morning hours to give support during the final hours of my birthing time and to catch our baby.  Kendra was also present for the birth!  Kendra was an amazing leg holder and massager!  We also had a photographer there to capture the wonderful moments.  She was perfect!  Needless to say...I had the most AMAZING birth team! 

 During my birthing time I only felt pressure and I knew that I was in control the entire time.  Ben did a fantastic job encouraging and supporting me.  I had a very calm, quiet environment with the lights dim.  I also felt that my birthing time progressed quickly.  It was a beautiful experience for the both of us! 

 When I signed up for the Hypnobabies class I never imagined having a natural birth.  My main goal coming into Hypnobabies was to have the tools to keep my anxiety under control and to keep me calm and relaxed up to birthing time.  I never imagined even thinking about having a natural birth (it was never something that I thought that I could do).  After the first few classes I started believing that a natural Hypnobabies birth was something that I wanted and could do.  Ben and I both felt very educated, empowered, and in control of our pregnancy and birthing time. 

 I truly believe that I would not have had this wonderful of a birth experience without Hypnobabies.  I will use Hypnobabies with all of my future babies and will spread the word about Hypnobabies to all of the mommies-to-be that I know! 

 Our wonderful son, Bay, was 7 lbs. 11 oz., 21 in. long.  He is doing great and is growing quickly!