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Some adults will never understand or they choose to not want to understand the value of having overnight support as a new parent.

“I stayed up all night with my baby and I survived.”

“Why would anyone want to give up their baby at night?”

“I just don’t understand.”

Here’s the deal. These well meaning people may just not truly understand the value of overnight care. Here are our responses to them in support of parents everywhere who are choosing to be well rested over being sleep deprived:

I’m so happy you survived staying up all night with your baby. Here at the Birth Haven we want parents to thrive and not just survive. We want them to remember these early days with their baby fondly and not clouded by yawns, short tempers, and frustration. Knowing a baby is being cared for by a professional who truly loves and adores the babies she works with, allows our clients to easily go to bed and get the rest they so badly need. They wake up fully functional, happy, and excited to embrace the day and all it brings for them and their baby. It’s truly okay to not understand. The absolute beauty of parenthood is that we al get to choose our own path. Whether enduring sleepless nights or getting substantial rest, there isn’t a wrong way to do it. You get to choose your methods and our clients get to choose theirs!

The beauty of parenthood is that no matter what, we all have a choice.

My question to you is…sleep or no sleep?

Enjoy every moment,