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On average, a wedding costs $35,000+ for a one day event that you'll remember for the rest of your life, but what happens to all of the other incredible events that come later? Flowers, location, food, cake, apparel, music, and more. It all adds up and it's all worth the price tag to those getting married, but what about welcoming a new baby into the family? We hire a wedding planner for weddings, say hello to the baby planner aka doula!

The Birth Doula

She's your go to person for everything birth related. She can give you the best tips on registry items you can't live without, and even the top names in the area in case you're wanting to avoid the latest trends. Maybe you have no idea what hospital or doctor to go to or even understand that midwives work in and out of hospitals. How about what classes to take, what to do about normal pregnancy discomforts, and dealing with the emotional highs and lows? One phone call or text away is where she is. A constant supporter of your choices, cheerleader when you need it, and a shoulder to cry on when necessary. Who wouldn't want someone like a doula at their birth?

The Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Does the umbilical cord look ok?

Is the baby getting enough to eat?

How many wet and dirty diapers are there supposed to be?

I'm exhausted and need sleep, how doI do that and everything else?

My family and friends want to help, but they just want to take the baby from me.

What are safe sleep protocols?

How do I get her to latch right?

How do I clean bottles?

The list truly goes on an on and on. In the hospital, you're taken care of as is your baby, but coming home is another story. Your Postpartum and Infant Care doula is your sanity in the days your sanity is tested! She's there to remind you of the things you know, to trust your instinct, to get sleep, to take care of yourself, and to teach you tools and techniques to soothe your baby and make life easier overall! She's your saving grace when coming home with a new baby. 

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