Postpartum Placenta Specialists

It's not just placenta encapsulation. It's quality care, established protocols, and qualified specialists

Women have been seeking placenta encapsulation for the past few years and its popularity hasn't gone unnoticed. Why would someone want to ingest a placenta? Women are choosing this service for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

-Fear of postpartum depression

- Nervousness surrounding hormone fluctuations post birth

-Desired substantial milk production

- Desired faster recovery

While studies of placenta consumption are not readily available, we provide this service based on numerous positive stories from our clients and women across the globe. A recent University of Nevada study surveyed women about their experiences and motivations surrounding placenta encapsulation and found that 97% of them would do it again if given the opportunity! We think that's pretty incredible and a testimony in and of its self. 


What makes your services different from what others offer?

  • All persons offering this service through The Birth Haven have been properly trained and certified through Placenta Prep- the leading training organization on proper and safe encapsulation methods.
  • We abide by OSHA guidelines for sanitizing and safety.
  • All persons offering this service through The Birth Haven are certified yearly in blood borne pathogens.
  • Proper sanitizing of all equipment is strictly followed for your safety and wellbeing.
  • Our process ensures you are receiving your placenta- no possibility of a mix up occurring.
  • Our process decreases risk of contamination and foreign bacteria in your capsules.
  • Our process requires steaming along with dehydrating at an optimal temperature to kill harmful bacteria
  • Our methods far exceed any standards set forth in the industry of placenta encapsulation. 

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"We joked about it, but really could tell a difference when I missed a capsule. My moods were enhanced, milk production was high, and I felt wonderful!"    -Janie
"I thought it was disgusting,  until I saw how well it worked for her!"  -Dan
"I knew encapsulation wasn't a replacement for medication, but after a horrible postpartum experience with my first baby, I decided to take the plunge and see if it would work. I noticed an immediate difference from the first capsule I was able to take and was able to move through my second postpartum time with ease!"  -Amanda
"After attending Placenta 101 with Julie, I had a greater understanding and appreciation for the way they encapsulate. Safety was a huge concern of mine and she answered all of my questions, shared how the specialists are equipped, and went over proper sanitization."  -Brad
"I only have great things to say about getting my placenta encapsulated! I'm pregnant again and will for sure be doing it again. It increased my mood tremendously! Both my husband and I could tell when I forgot to take it. It increased my energy. My son breastfed a lot throughout the night his first year and the capsules gave me the energy to get through my day! It increased my milk supply. When I forgot to take it I could tell there was a drop in my milk supply. I had an extremely hard time breastfeeding due to an undiagnosed tongue tie. I really think I would have had postpartum depression if it wasn't for my placenta pills. I recommend placenta encapsulation to all of my pregnant friends and family!"  -Kelsey
The difference I felt in energy was absolutely amazing when I would take it. I produced more milk than my son needed and was able to donate my surplus to four beautiful babies. I also felt wonderful when taking it. It helped me remain even-keeled while I focused on learning my new role as a mother. I will encapsulate my placentas with every pregnancy thanks to this experience, and I highly recommend it."  -Alicia
"It's amazing to think that the organ I grew to nourish my baby, continued to nourish me when he no longer needed it. What a precious gift."