Every day there are 10,829 babies born in the United States. 

With only 12 percent of Americans having paid maternity leave, it's creating tons of extra stress on new parents in our communities during their first few weeks postpartum. 

Despite the support from your partner or relatives, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and faced with more stress and challenges than you thought. More families are seeking out that added support to help nourish their families as they transition home with their new baby. 

Postpartum assistance dramatically reduces the risks for postpartum depression, anxiety and stress related conditions. 

In the birth world, there are fantastic resources that work seamlessly with every family's schedule to provide a helping hand as parents learn how to care for their newborn, establish routines and begin their postpartum healing process. 

Whether it be a nanny, night nanny, postpartum day doula or overnight doula, parents are no longer navigating the uncertainties of newborn care without compassionate and professional support. 

Newborn Care Specialists 

Getting the hang of your newborn care routine is no easy feat for any parent. Newborn care specialists are there to guide your transition home with your baby, making sure parents feel confident with the process and schedules of newborn care and offer resources and support throughout the first few weeks after birth. 

Night Nannies

These women are nannies that offer night time care for parents looking for a little extra sleep. The postpartum recovery process is an exhausting one and the extra set of hands to help care for the newborn of the house is often heaven sent. These nannies will take over the care while parents rest, sleep or relax, providing a huge stress relief to sleepy new parents. Their hours are flexible and care plans usually can be customized to cater to even the busiest schedule. They often support the family after the immediate postpartum time or help locate someone who will continue on in their absence.

Postpartum Doulas

This postpartum team is your lifeline of support. Your postpartum doula offers the professional training of a newborn care specialist, the  flexibility of a nanny and so much more. Doulas not only help parents feel confident as they learn the basics of newborn care, feeding and sleep patterns, but they also assist mothers as they recover from birth and nurture the rest of the family. Doula care plans can be tailored to suit the needs of every family, including overnight and early morning care shifts. Doulas help care for siblings, lend a helping hand with tasks around the house and even craft meal plans, and speed up postpartum recovery. Your postpartum doula helps you from the very beginning and always works alongside the family's parenting style without any judgement or bias to provide the care you want for your new baby. 

Postpartum doulas are trained to provide resources for breastfeeding, breast health, postpartum recovery, newborn care and development, and even placenta encapsulation. These women are passionate and experienced in all things birth, postpartum, and newborn and dedicated to easing the postpartum transition for local families. Life with a postpartum doula means less stress and discomfort, more affirmation and more nurturing support. It means loving care from the day of hire through the moment your confidence soars and you are ready to hand us to the next family waiting for the same optimal care. Services are offered from newborn through the first 2 years of life.

Doulas are the ultimate combination of newborn care specialists and night nannies, providing the comprehensive support and care strategies that uniquely adjust to the needs of every family. 

If you or a family member is expecting, consider how postpartum doulas can dramatically improve your baby's early postpartum care all the way through their future development.

That drive home from the hospital or birth center doesn't have to be intimidating.

The postpartum doula revolution is transforming and revolutionizing the experience of introducing a new baby to your family.