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As I attended my first training to become a doula, I was taught that not only was I supposed to support people in childbirth, but that I was also responsible for defending their birth plans and to advocate for their wishes. What I failed to recognize, was collaborative care mattered and I was not responsible for the outcomes of births. Add to that, the method of giving birth wasn't as important as the family having the best experience possible and making decisions with their doctor or midwife. 

As I began training doulas, I've taught the importance of doulas taking a back seat to decision making and trusting that their clients are capable of making decisions on their behalf. Does this mean doulas are under a gag order? No! Does this mean we work for the hospitals and not our clients? No! This means that we will give unbiased information when asked for it and will support clients in communicating with their doctor or midwife if they desire more information. You see, doctors and midwives have ample years of training and clinical expertise. Doulas cannot replicate what they bring to a pregnancy and birth and should be respectful of their breadth of knowledge and intuition. We can't possibly know whether or not something is medically necessary because we don't have the skill set to clinically assess our client.

If you’re seeking doulas who disagree with your chosen care provider, give you unsolicited advice and information, and take over your birth like its their own, then we are not the doulas for you. The Birth Haven stands on the premise of non judgmental support and care. We are there to assist as you become a parent for the first or even fourth time. We are there to cheer you on as you make decisions that are best for you and to work cohesively with the care team you have chosen. 

Doctors and midwives in our area have grown to love The Birth Haven doulas because we are a compliment to them. We foster collaborative relationships and care and seek to help our clients/their patients have the best experience possible, as defined by them.

Desire a better birth or postpartum experience on your terms? We're just a phone call away!