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We have been doing a bit of reconfiguring here at The Birth Haven and wanted to fill you in on the updates to our prenatal and postpartum support groups and classes

Are you looking for pregnancy support groups and classes in Lexington Kentucky? 

Are you looking for postpartum support group and classes in Lexington Kentucky? 

Look no further. The Birth Haven AND Baby Moon have you covered! 

As you may know, Baby Moon and The Birth Haven share the same location (2891 Richmond Rd # 103, Lexington, KY 40509) and we will be offering a variety of prenatal and postpartum support groups and classes meant to benefit you and your growing family.

CENTERING | The Birth Haven's non-medical group prenatal visit

Centering is a group class that brings expectant families in Lexington, and the surrounding areas, together to learn laugh and grow. This class will help you and your partner prepare a postpartum plan that will provide you with what you need as a new family. This class covers topics that include, but are not limited to, birth plan writing, childbirth education Q&A sessions. 

Woman to Woman | The Birth Haven's female only gathering

Our ladies only gathering, Woman to Woman, is a support group that gives local moms and moms-to-be an opportunity to relate to each other on a variety of motherhood related topics through candid discussions. We welcome all mothers, from our pregnant clients, all the way to postpartum women with baby in arms! Feel free to bring a friend to this support group. Just remember, women only. 

All clients of The Birth Haven are welcome to both the Centering and Woman to Woman group gatherings.

Baby Moon | Transitions: Bringing Baby Home

Covering the essentials of newborn care, this postpartum prep class dives deep into topics including cord care, bathing, diapering, sleep schedules, feeding schedules, postpartum recovery and more. We also cover the emotional side of the postpartum period. Learn to navigate the early stages of parenthood, cope with postpartum hormones and learn how to identify the warning signs of postpartum mood disorders. 

Consider this class a guide to your family's momentous transition.

Baby Moon | Breastfeeding 1: The Essentials

As natural as breastfeeding is, it still very much a learned skill for mother and baby that requires patients and persistence. Baby Moon's Breastfeeding Essentials class will give you key information that will help ease into breastfeeding with your baby. This specialized breastfeeding class is taught by a breastfeeding expert and Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

Baby Moon | Breastfeeding 2: Pumping & being away from your baby while breastfeeding

The focus of this class is to maintain a happy and healthy connection between you and your baby while breastfeeding. In this class we cover how to continue breastfeeding successfully when apart from your baby. You will also learn the ins and outs of pumping, how and when to introduce a bottle, and how to keep up your milk supply while you are away from your baby. This class also covers how to safely pump, store, reheat, and serve breast milk.

This class is essential for those planning to return to work, and also appropriate for anyone who plans to be away from their baby while breastfeeding.

Baby Moon | Birth Preparation

Attending a childbirth class has many perks. You not only walk away from this class knowing the hows and whys of childbirth, you also leave fully understanding all of YOUR options for YOUR birth. While you are writing your birth plan it will be extremely beneficial to be able to make an informed decision about how you want your birth to go. 

Baby Moon | 5 Week Childbirth Series

The main focus of the class is preparing you physically and mentally for a safe and satisfying birthing experience. A wide range of important topics are covered from prenatal exercise and nutrition to newborn procedures.

This series should be completed before about 37 weeks of pregnancy, to allow time for further planning and practice based on what you've learned.

Baby Moon | Hypnobabies 

Hypnobabies is a 6-week complete childbirth education course that incorporates real medical hypnosis techniques for easier and more comfortable births. Hypnobabies assists in eliminating fears that are often associated with childbirth. Each registrant receives a tote bag filled with a Hypnobabies workbook, script booklet, handout folder, multiple mp3 cards, and more.

Our students leave calm, confident and ready to enter their birth with reassurance and understanding. Register now—these popular classes fill fast!

Baby Moon | Childbirth Express

This class is meant for those who cannot commit to a long series for their childbirth education. We have condensed this informative class into a one day format. Because our class sizes are kept small, we are able to provide personal attention and tailor the information to meet the needs of each individual class. This ensures that even in this intensive format, you will leave with your big questions answered, feeling more confident and more prepared.

Baby Moon | Labor Workshop/ The Refresher

This comfort measures and labor support workshop provides you with specific tools for coping with labor, providing partner support, and navigating your birth setting. This class is also great for couples who have already experienced childbirth who are looking for a 'refresher'.

Together, The Birth Haven and Baby Moon are excited to be giving expectant couples prenatal and postpartum support groupsclasses and resources to apply to through their journey through parenthood.