From the very beginning of pregnancy, people everywhere deem it appropriate to "lovingly" give information and advice. It's very apparent that they just haven't received the memo: It isn't appropriate to pounce on pregnant people and instill information on them without an invitation to do so!

Just the other day I was watching the interaction between parents in an online forum. A general question was posed to a specific subset of people and everyone chimed in with their opinions. The original poster wasn’t asking for a variety of opinions, but she got them anyway. It made me think about how important it is to have non judgmental support during pregnancy, birth and parenting. What would the world look like if we cheered on the person choosing an epidural, the one opting to go unmedicated, the parent choosing to formula feed or the one breastfeeding? Unconditional support and kindness would build up our community and overflow into every other facet of life.

When The Birth Haven was established, my goal was for families to be matched with a professional doula. It was a simple concept, but I had no idea it would become what it is today. Our Lexington doulas offer superior support to families by giving them the information they desire and not the information we think they need to have. 

Think about that for a second.

We don’t believe that you must take a certain childbirth class, have a certain doctor or midwife or go to a particular hospital to have the birth experience you desire to have. The Birth Haven doulas fully trust every decision you make and honor it with cheering you on from start to finish!

As a pregnant person, you are going to be bombarded with opinions from friends, family, social media, blogs and strangers. Let us be your source of committed support throughout your pregnancy and beyond. We are there to help you filter through a multitude of information until you discover what is best for you and your growing family.