It's a question that comes up frequently in Facebook groups and forums. It's something that people ask their midwives, doctors, and good friends. The birth of a baby is a day that is vitally important and only the best will do,  so who do you turn to?

One thing is for certain, our clients love us! Doctors, midwives, and even nurses are sending friends and family to us at alarming rates and we are bursting at the seams. Truly the biggest compliment we get is through referrals and we are grateful each and every time it occurs. 

When someone on a mom's group asks who the best doula in Lexington is, I want to shout from the rooftops, "The Birth Haven!" Obviously doing so would be weird, so I sit back an watch all of our clients chime in with beautiful compliments.

" It was so comforting to have her at my side the whole time helping me physically and emotionally. She's so knowledgable about the whole process. My husband was also very grateful to have her as part of our team. I highly recommend her!"
" I am a relatively strong willed person and she was calm and supportive without coming across as challenging or questioning of my requests or decisions. She was physical when I needed it and supportive verbally when I didn't want to be touched and she knew when to do each. I have already asked her to be with us for our next little one."
"She was able to keep me (and my husband!) calm. She made me feel good about my decision to end up getting the epidural (even though I originally didn't want one) and was so supportive the entire process. I think if she hadn't been there, I would have beaten myself up about changing my birth plan. It was incredibly reassuring knowing that we had her with us."
"I can't imagine my birth without The Birth Haven. From my first conversation to the postpartum visit, I was cared for. Since this is their profession, I knew they would be at my birth without a doubt and that gave me a huge sense of relief. My doula supported me through my planned cesarean. She was there before I went back and kept me calm during and immediately after. I was so thankful she was there to help initiate breastfeeding in the operating room and genuinely wanted to help me have the kind of delivery I wanted to have."
"We struggled with bringing home our baby. We were exhausted and depleted. The Birth Haven sent in doulas who truly supported the way we wanted to parent. They helped us get sleep during the night and helped with household tasks during the day. It was nice to have an expert in our home who didn't tell us how we should be doing things, but instead offered suggestions when we asked. Hands down, having a postpartum doula was priceless."
"I knew nothing about twins. It became very evident after arriving home that needed an extra set of experienced hands to help us out. Our doulas cared for us and our babies with such compassion and kindness. I highly recommend The Birth Haven."

My heart grows with the beautiful things people say about us. For the longest time I was worried about how it would look if I proclaimed we were the best, but not anymore. I'm proud of what we have accomplished over the last few years here at The Birth Haven. I'm proud that providers trust us with the care of their patients. I'm honored to have clients come back second, third, and forth times.  I'm happy to say that we are the best doulas in Lexington, KY.

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