Welcome to The Birth Haven blog!

Nearly 10 years ago I welcomed my daughter into the world with the help and guidance of a wonderful birth support team in Kenya, Africa. I am astounded that I was able to move through the experience joyfully and without fear while being so far from home. That experience led me to find my calling as a doula and I've been blessed to call it my "job" for the last 8 years.

The Birth Haven was created believing that by bringing multiple women together we could really make an impact on birth one woman at a time. It's our vision and it's becoming our reality. Multiple women and families are coming through our doors and receiving vital information about how to make their births the most wonderful experiences they can imagine. They are walking away feeling capable of motherhood, confident in their decision making and creating a positive support system for birth and beyond.

This blog will give a voice to these women by sharing their stories, triumphs and challenges as well as share other birth related information along the way! It is my hope that you receive positive encouragement and evidence based information as we journey through this blog together!



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