Birth Doula Services

A positive pregnancy test can be wonderfully exciting, nerve wracking, or even sometimes a bit scary! All of a sudden life seems a bit overwhelming and the questions begin to surface. Is everything going to be ok? What do contractions feel like? Should I have a natural birth or just go for the epidural? When should I go to the hospital when I'm in labor?

No questions is ever too small or insignificant for our qualified doulas. If you are seeking the best support possible for your upcoming birth, The Birth Haven has the perfect doulas for you!  

We offer:

  • Judgement free support - Want an unmedicated birth? Want an epidural? Want a planned C-Section? Want the option to change your mind at any given time? Perfect! We are there to support your choices every step of the way.
  • Positive relationships with all care providers- Whether you're choosing an OB, midwife, or family practice physician, we work seamlessly with your chosen birth team collaboratively.
  • Answers to your questions- We know a lot, but also know when it's best for you to consult with your care provider. 
  • Birth Support- From the moment you need us, we'll be there. We'll meet you at your home or in the hospital, which ever you prefer!
  • Continuity of care- Need more support after your baby arrives? We've got you covered with our multitude of postpartum packages and the faces you've grown to know and trust.
  • Qualified doulas- Our doulas receive continuing education from the owner of The Birth Haven and are required to maintain credentialing with their certifying body . Know you're in the best of care when you join us!


Investment for birth services: starting at $899


Want all the details? Call us, fill out our contact form, or sign up for our complimentary MaterniTEA class. We can't wait to meet you!