Night NAnny

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Sleepless nights don’t have to be something every parent must earn as a badge of honor. Let our highly qualified night experts ease you into parenthood with grace and compassion. Our clients feel rested, ready to accomplish whatever comes during the day, and have the ability to maintain mood. We know that lack of sleep can lead to lowered immune function, increased risk of anxiety and depression, agitation, and sluggishness. We want you to actually enjoy those first few week and months instead of looking back on them as being difficult and horrific. This very popular service in Lexington, KY is a parents dream come true. Contact us for your night nanny consultation today!

We earned our “badge” and decided we’d prefer to throw the badge out and get help. These women are the real deal! Professional and caring.
— Stephen
After suffering through postpartum depression with my first child, I knew I needed to make sleep a priority for my second. Julie and her team were amazing and made my new mom experience such a wonderful memory.
— Dawn
Walking in and seeing Julie rocking our little one so sweetly is something I hold dear. I knew that my baby was being cared for in a way that exceeded my expectations. Sleeping was the best gift we could have ever given ourselves. For relationship and sanity, I highly recommend them.
— Allyson
Our twins were an absolute handful. Without the guidance and support of our team, I don’t know how we would have survived our first two months of parenthood. Colic is real. night nanny services are real. Just do it!
— Emily