Mandy King 

CD(DONA)  and placenta encapsulation specialist

About Me

Were you named after someone?

I was named after this

What are 3 words that best describe you?

Passionate, Personable, Impulsive (or spontaneous, if that makes me sound more appealing). 

What is your favorite season?

Spring (if winter is ending), Fall (if summer is ending). 

What is your favorite food?

Pizza. And most people would say pizza, but I mean it: pizza. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Snack. Even bad pizza is still better than most other foods. 

Would you rather be hiking at a mountain hideaway or lounging at a beach house?

A beach house, for sure. More specifically: southern California. Shopping and scoping out all of the best restaurants would be at the top of my to- do list! 

Kindle or paperback?

I so badly want to say Kindle, but I always revert back to paper. It just feels right. 

If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be? 

On a brave day I'd say, without hesitation, be given the gift of more children (more specifically- twins!), but today isn’t one of those days so I say: buy some new boots! 

Do you think you are strong? 

No, I don’t see myself as strong and that is a good thing! I am a frail woman, wife, mother, and friend who is constantly dependent upon God's good grace to sustain me, uphold me, and empower me to love and serve my family and others well. 




“Mandy was so helpful. It was nice to have her there to get ice chips or cool rags so I could stay by my wife’s side the entire time. I didn’t have to miss out on anything and could be there for my wife. She gave advice and support that I wouldn’t know how to give my wife. She had experiences that I simply cannot have as a man, and that made her a great support for my wife. For the birth of our first child, we did not have a doula. Fortunately, for the birth of our second, we had Mandy. We’ll always have a doula at our births from here on!"

- Blake C.


How sweet those moments were that followed our natural childbirth. Our baby was so alert and happy, I was so alert and happy, and my body recovered so quickly! I am grateful to Mandy for helping me learn to trust my body that God designed. Her wisdom and reassurance were awesome before, during, and after our childbirth. Her love for God was a constant reminder that He was with me and her friendship was golden. I appreciate Mandy's special role in our third child's amazing, natural childbirth!” 

- Amanda V.


“At first, I was worried that having a doula would take away from my husband's job, but I felt it actually did quite the opposite. She helped him help me by showing him how to put counter pressure on my back during contractions, which was a great relief. I think he was also happy to have someone in the room to rotate with when applying pressure, and by the end of the night, they both got a great work out too! It was also nice to have someone to run errands for us (hello ice chips) and be with us through the night. I would definitely recommend Mandy King to any pregnant woman, as she was a great benefit to our experience, and I'm sure she would be to yours also!”

- Amanda O. 

I would love to be a part of your birth story.

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