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team: Shilah & Allison

Shilah and Allison have been a team since the start of their doula careers. Both have always had a desire to support laboring women, and imagined a career in midwifery at one time. When the twists and turns of life brought them into the role of doula, they were thrilled when they were partnered together. They both have an awesome respect for pregnant women and the sanctity of birth. Even little details about their lives are similar, like being from Arizona. While their philosophy is similar, their personalities differ greatly. Shilah is steady and soft-spoken, while Allison is sure and outgoing. The two are a perfect complement, often finishing one another’s sentences when meeting with clients, and maintaining close communication regarding how to give the best support. While Allison and Shilah appreciate and enjoy supporting their clients, they consider
themselves most blessed to support one another.



Shilah is a blessed wife and mother of three. She grew up on the west coast, but has called the bluegrass home since 2002. Her personal happiness comes from time spent with family and friends. Her nurturing nature led her to become a certified labor doula, a career she feels was made just for her! Her desire to comfort, encourage, and support blended with her passionate interest in pregnancy and childbirth made the career of a doula the perfect fit. Before becoming a doula, Shilah was a massage therapist. She enjoys  crafting, hiking, running, and maintaining memory books and journals.


Allison Strickling has always had a desire to work in the birth world. In high school she carefully planned her life as a midwife, attending her first birth at 16 years old. However, upon beginning nursing school, the prospect of being in charge clinically of someones birth worried her, and she went another direction. Allison holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in English and the other in business, and spent time as a project manager at a marketing firm. However, after attending the birth of her best friend’s baby, she knew she’d made a mistake. Her wonderfully supportive husband asked her the simple question,
“Why don’t you become a doula?” She hasn’t looked back.




Kristin's knowledge & support gave my husband & me extra confidence to trust the process of birth. With her help, we had the labor and delivery we had always hoped for. Having a doula ensured that my husband could give me the support I needed, as he was getting the support he needed. Kristin also provided postpartum support that was much-needed and appreciated as we were adjusting to our family of three.

- Tonya


When my husband and I met Kristin, I had no idea what a doula was and I didn't want one, I had a doctor so I was good. However, throughout our Bradley Method classes with Kristin, we got to know and love her. She was always very knowledgeable, friendly and confident about how she taught and what she was teaching. We decided to switch from a doctor to a midwife and chose to ask Kristin to be our doula because I wasn't sure we could do it alone. Once my labor started, Kristin was right there until the end. She was very calm, reassuring, prepared and I felt as if I were with my sister. I felt safe and loved. Kristin was persistent with her methods and techniques to help me relax and she was there for my husband when he needed positive encouragement that he was doing a great job!

- Rebecca 

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