• What classes should I take?
  • Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?
  • How do I find a doctor or midwife?
  • Should I hire a doula?
  • Will the doula take the place of my birth partner?
  • How much do doulas cost?

If you have questions about pregnancy and birth, MaterniTEA is the class for you! This free and informative one hour class gives you the opportunity to learn about pregnancy related classes and to ask specific questions about your upcoming or current pregnancy. Grab a cup of tea and settle in to learn, laugh and prepare for your upcoming birth. To register, follow the link below. If you would like to hire a doula, scroll down to "meet your doula" and register there! This class takes place at Baby Moon. Partners are welcome, but not required.

Meet your doula

Ready to meet your doula?

Have you already made the decision to hire a doula and want to check us out? Register below and a doula team will contact you to schedule your personalized interview session. We look forward to meeting you!

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"Thank you so much for gathering such a wonderful team of women for us to interview. We felt calm, at ease and confident that a doula from The Birth Haven would be the perfect addition to our birth team."


"I want to thank you for the opportunity to attend the meet your doula team this week.  It was really helpful for us and we had a fun time.  As I mentioned to you before, my husband and I were not sure if a doula was a good fit for us.  We had met with a doula and that interview made my husband very concerned that we wouldn't  be able to have our wishes for birth without feeling pressure from the doula.  Well, when we got in the car after meet your doula team the first thing my husband said was that he is now convinced this was a good fit for us.  I felt comfortable that all your doulas were supportive of the birth experience that we want and it was a very positive experience."


"MaterniTEA was absolutely fantastic and extremely thorough. Thank you for offering such an informative and fun class. We left feeling confident in our decision to hire a doula and can't wait to start the process!"


"Before meeting any doulas, we really wanted to educate ourselves on what doula support actually was. Your class contained just  what we were looking for and solidified our decision to hire not only a birth doula, but also a postpartum doula."

                                                                            -Marti & Heidi

"I was honestly repulsed by the thought of placenta encapsulation and was only considering it due to severe postpartum depression with my first child. Your class helped me better understand the process and how it could potentially help me. Even though I don't know whether or not it will truly work for me, I'm open to the possibility of it. Once you suffer with depression, you'll consider just about anything to make your time with your new baby more enjoyable and with the swarms of happy women, I'm giving it a try!"

                                               -Name withheld by request

"I was fully expecting hippy skirts and patchuli when walking in to interview a doula team. What I found instead was a pair of professional women answering all of my questions and getting to know my wife and I better. I was honestly a skeptic, but after meeting with them I feel confident and ready to support my wife since the team will be there backing me up!"




"I attended both Doula 101 and Placenta 101 and felt they were informative and educational. I was able to ask questions and get answers to the questions I had in my notebook. The location is easy to find and the classes were well done and I enjoyed them very much."