Have you ever been so sure of something that it almost doesn’t seem real? Not knowing what to do when you grow up is a problem many face. Often, as I sit in a clients home shushing their little one back to sleep, I sit back in a chair and think about how I got so lucky. Lucky to be in a job that I absolutely love and look forward to each day. Lucky to watch babies grow up happy and healthy. Lucky to leave with a smile on my face looking forward to what the next day will bring.

It took me until my forties, eh hem, to discover what I wanted to be when I grew up, a doula. After I became a labor doula, I discovered there was another kind of doula, a postpartum doula. I remember thinking to myself, "Where was that when I had babies?" I now have the honor of going into homes and helping parents find the confidence and knowledge they need to survive and thrive early parenthood, whether it’s for the first time or the fifth time.

When someone finds out they are pregnant, all of the attention shifts to the labor and birth experience and the arrival home is often forgotten or an after thought.  Although, bringing home a new baby is an amazing experience, it’s not all bliss and warm fuzzies. Many clients find themselves overwhelmed and feeling lost in parent land. They sit unshowered in the same clothes they've worn for three days. They sport numerous blotches of spit up, pee, poop and unknown substances. They are so tired they can’t think straight let alone hold their own head up. They often look at me and say,"this isn't what I expected."  

That’s where I come in. I find joy in helping new parents find balance in self care, shrink the ever growing to-do list, and compassionately build confidence in the family unit as they navigate parenthood . I love giving tips about what I’ve learned over the years and through my quality training and certification. Trust me, time is precious in these early moments and tips and shortcuts can provide you with more time for cuddles, showers, and of course eating!

Sometimes when I walk into a home, the new parents aren’t really sure how to ask for help and are unclear on what it is that I can help with. I love watching their faces light up when I tell them that I can put together quick snacks to eat for those days when there simply isn't time to fix something. I can get all of the baby’s laundry caught up, help organize the nursery, trim the baby’s nails, and even help get the baby on a healthy sleep pattern.

"How does a nice long shower sound?" 

I'll often ask this question and it's met with smiles and happy sighs. Many times, clients will go take a shower and nap and wake up rested, with laundry done, and a meal prepped for that evening. As I leave, we make plans for the next overnight shift where I'll help them bathe their baby, teach them swaddle and techniques to soothe, sterilize the pumping equipment, and of course do more laundry because it never stops! The sleep they get helps them feel well rested and able to care for the baby throughout the days following.

When my shift ends and I walk out of the door, I smile. I know that you have been cared for, and you now can care for your family. Fill your cup, maintain self care, gain confidence, and be well rested. That's what Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas do.

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