Packing Your Hospital Bag for Birth!

What should I pack in my hospital bag? I think its one of the most popular questions seen on online forums and Facebook groups. You don't want to under pack, but you also don't want to hire a private bellhop to drag your bags all the way to labor and delivery and then postpartum after the baby arrives! Okay, so maybe that's an exaggeration, but you know what we're talking about! We've put together a list of the most common items you'll need during labor, birth, and the postpartum recovery time in the hospital. Best wishes on your upcoming birth and best wishes packing your hospital bag.

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Desire some additional help planning for your upcoming birth? Be sure to ask about our birth doulas in Lexington, KY. Our doulas are well versed in helping you have the birth your desire while maintaining collaboration with your hospital and doctor or midwife! We'd love to speak with you!



My Life as a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Have you ever been so sure of something that it almost doesn’t seem real? Not knowing what to do when you grow up is a problem many face. Often, as I sit in a clients home shushing their little one back to sleep, I sit back in a chair and think about how I got so lucky. Lucky to be in a job that I absolutely love and look forward to each day. Lucky to watch babies grow up happy and healthy. Lucky to leave with a smile on my face looking forward to what the next day will bring.

It took me until my forties, eh hem, to discover what I wanted to be when I grew up, a doula. After I became a labor doula, I discovered there was another kind of doula, a postpartum doula. I remember thinking to myself, "Where was that when I had babies?" I now have the honor of going into homes and helping parents find the confidence and knowledge they need to survive and thrive early parenthood, whether it’s for the first time or the fifth time.

When someone finds out they are pregnant, all of the attention shifts to the labor and birth experience and the arrival home is often forgotten or an after thought.  Although, bringing home a new baby is an amazing experience, it’s not all bliss and warm fuzzies. Many clients find themselves overwhelmed and feeling lost in parent land. They sit unshowered in the same clothes they've worn for three days. They sport numerous blotches of spit up, pee, poop and unknown substances. They are so tired they can’t think straight let alone hold their own head up. They often look at me and say,"this isn't what I expected."  

That’s where I come in. I find joy in helping new parents find balance in self care, shrink the ever growing to-do list, and compassionately build confidence in the family unit as they navigate parenthood . I love giving tips about what I’ve learned over the years and through my quality training and certification. Trust me, time is precious in these early moments and tips and shortcuts can provide you with more time for cuddles, showers, and of course eating!

Sometimes when I walk into a home, the new parents aren’t really sure how to ask for help and are unclear on what it is that I can help with. I love watching their faces light up when I tell them that I can put together quick snacks to eat for those days when there simply isn't time to fix something. I can get all of the baby’s laundry caught up, help organize the nursery, trim the baby’s nails, and even help get the baby on a healthy sleep pattern.

"How does a nice long shower sound?" 

I'll often ask this question and it's met with smiles and happy sighs. Many times, clients will go take a shower and nap and wake up rested, with laundry done, and a meal prepped for that evening. As I leave, we make plans for the next overnight shift where I'll help them bathe their baby, teach them swaddle and techniques to soothe, sterilize the pumping equipment, and of course do more laundry because it never stops! The sleep they get helps them feel well rested and able to care for the baby throughout the days following.

When my shift ends and I walk out of the door, I smile. I know that you have been cared for, and you now can care for your family. Fill your cup, maintain self care, gain confidence, and be well rested. That's what Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas do.

To book Postpartum & Infant Care Doula services with Deb, Please contact us for a consult to assess your needs! We look forward to hearing from you!



Swim Safety for Kids

Nothing is more fun that a trip to the pool, the beach, or a water park in the summer time.

Even for the strongest swimmer, water can be dangerous and safety is an important part of making a splash. If your little one is over four, it's a great time to introduce them to swimming lessons and teach them how to be safe around water. We put together some of our favorite tips and tricks to keep your family safely swimming this summer.

Touch Supervision

Smaller tots are particularly at risk for drowning and 2 inches of water are enough to be a major risk. Don't assume that your little one is safe on their own in the water just because they're comfortable swimming. While they're swimming, keep your kids within arm's distance where they can feel like they are swimming independently but are still safely within reach.

Swim Vests

Flotation devices are important tools of the swimming experience and they can actually give your kids some swimming confidence while keeping them safely afloat. Flotation jackets, vests and suits are height and weight specific. Choose a swim vest that can buckle between the legs, covers the torso and comes up around the neck to keep their head afloat in case of emergency.

Temperature Matters

If water is too cold, children can become more at risk for hypothermia. Even on a summer day, cold water can shock our body temperature and can affect our focus in the pool. Babies need to be in warmer water and unheated pools are usually too chilly for them. 

On the other end of the spectrum, hot tubs are not recommended for children under 18. Children can become overheated quickly and drown when they are overwhelmed by the jets in the tub. If you have curious tots at home, your spa should be in a fenced-in area where they can't explore the water unsupervised. 

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons should be a staple in any kids life. Aqua Tots in Lexington is a great place to look for lessons for your child and the best part is, they begin at 4 months old! With a 5 star rating on Facebook, we trust parents and families of the bluegrass to know where to take kids for this important life skill.

Whether you're heading to the beach or the pool, water safety should be big on your priority list.

Get your littles on board for thinking about swim safety and you'll be sure to make a splash.



When Placenta Encapsulation Goes Wrong

The recent CDC statement pertaining to placenta encapsulation hit the press and the news is littered right now with the story of a baby becoming sick, potentially from the capsules consumed by the mother. Unfortunately, we've been waiting for the mistakes of others to occur and have been preparing in the best way we know how. 

I was resistant to the idea of placenta encapsulation and was leery of offering it in our community. Once clients began asking about it, I made the decision to begin my quest for a program that would meet strict criteria. I found that in Placenta Prep, a two day intensive course developed by Deb Pocica, an expert in placentas. I knew that she had created this program out of a desire to bring strict standards to a service that seriously lacked them. Her curriculum exuded safety and protocols and I took the leap and added the service to The Birth Haven.

So why have we been cautiously awaiting someone getting sick from encapsulation? Without any real guidelines, encapsulators are learning from youtube, buying some equipment, and setting up business. Without any true training nor any understanding of blood borne pathogens, contamination, transporting organs and more, danger has always lurked. When the CDC statement was released, I was actually happy. That may sound strange, but I knew it would bring to light how incredible our standards are and why we have them. That being said, I think it's important for you, the potential consumer to understand them as well. When reading through the CDC statement, I saw the following things:

1.) The encapsulator is unknown. We have no idea if this person was properly trained or trained at all.

2.) We know the encapsulator transported someone else's organ and don't know what happened during transport.

3.) We know that the placenta was taken to an undisclosed location and encapsulated there

4.) We know that the placenta was sliced raw and dehydrated on low heat.

5.) We know the placenta was delivered back to the client for consumption and GBS was found in the capsules even though the mother had tested negative before and after the birth..

So what are Placenta Prep guidelines?

 Postpartum Placenta Specialists are trained in person and not online. They are required to have hands on training and also have continuous support throughout the certification process and beyond. They must abide by strict guidelines and become certified in blood borne pathogens.

They are never to transport someones organ at any point. Our clients are required to transport, maintain the placenta on ice and move it to the refrigerator or freezer based on the time frame for encapsulation. If the placenta is left in a hot car, the family forgets ice, the placenta is taken to pathology, or there is a uterine infection during labor, we cannot and will not encapsulate it.

Each and every placenta encapsulated by a Placenta Prep trained/certified specialist is done in the clients home and never at an undisclosed location. This prevents foreign bacteria from being in the workspace from children, animals, and an potentially unsanitary preparers home. It reminds me of potlucks and not knowing what the kitchen of the preparer looks like. Scary huh? All surfaces are prepped and cleaned as per OSHA guidelines and the process is started and finished in the clients home. Some liken us to a HAZMAT crew if they happen to be present during the process because of our head to toe coverings, attention to detail, and strict and necessary guidelines. Bleach soaks are also used on all equipment to eliminate cross contamination from one placenta to the next as per OSHA guidelines.

The raw method of encapsulation has been a topic of discussion for quite sometime. One camp says its not safe at all while others proclaim its safety and a persons choice to choose how they wants their placenta encapsulated. We will never apologize for taking that choice away from someone because we know the risks associated with encapsulating raw. Each placenta we encapsulate is done so using the Traditional method which includes steaming the product for 8-12 minutes and then placing it on a dehydrator at 165 degrees overnight. When someone encapsulates using the raw method, it creates a danger zone (food kept at 40-140 degrees). Food handlers know this danger zone all too well and we abide by those strict protocols. Raw encapsulation allows raw meat product(the placenta) to sit in the danger zone for hours, making it ripe for bacteria growth.

Since the placenta never leaves the sight of the client, it eliminates the last risk. Our clients know they are consuming their own placenta and not that of someone else. There is simply no way a mistake can be made and we are grateful for that security. This isn't like consuming Grandma's potato salad after all.

The Birth Haven supports your desires to encapsulate or to not. We value your personal research and commitment to your personal safety just like we value our own commitment to provide the safest standards possible for encapsulation services. Have more questions? Please let us know!


For additional reading on this subject check out the following:




The Scoop on Sleep Deprivation

If you ask a new mom about her sleep habits,

she might just laugh at you. 

It's not her fault she's just tired.

Sleep deprivation is a very real phase of postpartum life, and a good night's sleep can seem like a distant memory. You might be one of the lucky ones if your newborn is snoozing through the night, but things could change a few months later. 

Every baby is different and their sleep habits tend to change as they develop, which usually means less sleep for parents during these growth spurts. 

Beyond Tired

Overtired or sleep deprived parents are usually more at risk for lowered immune systems and in some cases postpartum depression and anxiety. When we sleep we're actually going through two phases of sleep; dream sleep or non REM "deep sleep." Quality sleep is a good balance of both and in the first few months with a new baby, there's certainly no balance going on. 

Sleep deprivation can take a toll on emotional health and even weigh heavy on your relationships at home. Not only can sleepless nights leave you exhausted, you can experience some physical pains, tension headaches and even stress on your breast milk supply. 

Why won't my little one sleep?!

Newborns tend to sleep for 4 hours or less at a time, waking up frequently throughout the night. When parents wake up for their shift of baby care, they start the sleep cycle from scratch and keeps them from getting to the "deep sleep" stage they need to actually feel rested. 

How to Get Better Sleep 

Believe it or not, it is actually possible to get a decent night's sleep or at the very least you can catch up on some precious Z's. 

During the night, trade off night feedings with your partner so you can each get a guaranteed few hours of sleep through the night or better yet, hire a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula to do the waking for you. Catching a nap on the weekends or during the day while your baby naps will also help you feel recharged after a long night. Try not to get too many naps to avoid oversleeping. Oversleeping can sometimes make you feel worse than getting no sleep at all and your natural rhythm will be thrown off at nighttime. 

Avoid taking in too much caffeine, it might actually do more harm than good. Take in some power-foods that give you sustainable energy without any jitters or dehydration. Almonds are just some of the great snacks for sleepy moms in need of a pick me up 

Long story short, sleepless nights might not be avoidable but we can sure make the best of them when we know what to expect. 

Your doula can help get your baby on a sleep schedule that works for you, helping you get more sleep and giving your baby a good foundation for self soothing. We're here to help and just a phone call away!



Lexington's Best Night Nanny, Postpartum Doulas, and Infant Care Specialists

Lexington KY night nanny postpartum doula

Choosing care for your infant is one of the most difficult decisions a new parent can make. The options are vast, so how do you decide what is best for you and your baby? Should you pick a Night Nanny, Infant Care Specialist, Postpartum and Infant Care Doula, Baby Nurse or babysitter? It's easy to get overwhelmed by options, pricing, and packages. Here are a few pointers from the experts to help you as you move through this important process.

References: Do they have them and are they good?

Previous clients should rave about the services online and in person. A willingness to provide written statements or phone referrals is essential to knowing you are receiving optimal care from a tried and true resource in the community.

Our Postpartum and Infant Care Doulas come highly recommended from clients all over the Bluegrass. Just ask, and we can obtain the most current references possible. Remember, this isn't our hobby, this is our profession and it shows!  (We maintain confidentiality of all clients and therefore require express permission from them share referrals.)

Does the price fit the service?

$15 is what a teenaged babysitter charges and most families are not trusting their newborns to a sitter, especially overnight. Be sure to access credentials or vet the company through referrals before trusting your precious cargo to just anyone. Our infant care specialist doulas are vetted, certified by a professional organization, must complete continuing education to stay up to date, are insured, and come with the highest recommendations from our community. We can guarantee that our price will never be below standards of our profession-- believe us, we're worth it though!

Does the company stand completely behind their providers?

If a finders fee is the cost of doing business, that means the owner doesn't have a vested interest in what occurs after placement.  Our experts are contracted on a regular and ongoing basis and work is contractually bound for a term of service.  As such,  the owner has an active role in the practices, continuing education, and certifications of the individuals working for you and caring for your little one. We stand behind each of our experts as do each family they have served. Members of our infant care team love what they do and it shows!

Night nurse vs Postpartum and Infant Care Doulas?

The two professions are vastly different. Night nurses must have a nursing background and may or may not be active in their role within a hospital setting or outpatient care. Many provide out of hospital services for a variety of patients and do newborn care on the side.  Night nurses are skilled in physical care of the infant, but do not have the added expertise of caring for the family unit, providing sleep shaping guidance, lactation assistance for those breastfeeding, have a clear understanding of perinatal and postpartum mood disorders, among others.

Postpartum and Infant Care Doulas care for the entire family unit. They are trained specifically for newborn care and are current with all AAP guidelines. Our newborn experts only care for infants and therefore are not exposed daily to hospital illnesses that infants would be susceptible to. As we've stated, newborns and parents are our specialty and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Sill having trouble deciding what is best for your family? Lexington's most trusted Newborn Care Team is available for phone consults as well as in person interviews. Give us a call and we are happy to talk through your options as you come to a decision that best suits you and your newest family member. Whether you need extra sleep, guidance on feeding strategies, or a listening ear, The Birth Haven has all of your needs covered with your specific goals in mind.




No Child Wet Behind 2017!

With our No Child Wet Behind fundraiser right around the corner, we're gearing up to support our friends and neighbors. 

Diaper need is real and it affects one in 3 households in every community.

We're gathering at Coldstream Park with our families and friends to raise money and collect packs of disposable diapers for our inaugural diaper drive event. Whether you're registering to run the 5K or just stopping by with diapers in hand to enjoy the local vendors and activities, it's sure to be a great day of fun for an amazing cause. 

Our Beneficiary 

All our collections benefit The Nest in Lexington, Kentucky. This center is a safe haven for families that are in need of some physical and emotional assistance and resources. Having access to clean diapers through the center gives parents the opportunity to live healthier and more independent lifestyles as they break away from the negative cycle of diaper need. 

Donations and proceeds from our event is distributed right back into our community through The Nest's program and the support that they bring to local families in need. 

Our Sponsorship and Vendors

We're excited to join forces with some of Lexington's best to create an incredible day of family fun to enjoy. Triple Crown Chiropractic is one of the great vendors that we'll have the pleasure of teaming up with to spread the word and resources for chiropractic care from infancy straight through adulthood. 

Anna Cox one of our favorite LuLaRoe distributers will also be at the event with some of the season's newest styles and patterns. You know we'll be taking the opportunity to stock up on a few new pairs of these beauties to keep us inspired all summer long. 

Coldstream Park

One of Lexington's parks that is near and dear to our hearts is the beautiful biking and hiking trails of Coldstream Park. We're looking forward to the springtime views around the park where there's plenty of shade to enjoy for a picnic or a nap for your little 5K runners. 

Baby Moon is also one of our sponsors and will be welcoming expectant parents to a free prenatal yoga session on the green. Bring your own blanket or yoga mat and a pack of diapers as your suggested donation for the cause. Baby Moon's professional yoga team can help you banish that pregnancy fatigue with a gentle and relaxing yoga session in the fresh, spring air. 

Can't make it to our No Child Wet Behind Fundraiser?

No problem!

We've added some new drop off locations locally for families to drop off packs of disposable diapers over the next few months. Even if you can't make it on May 21st at 2:00pm, your diaper donations are always welcome at The Birth Haven and our friendly drop off locations. 

We're looking forward to the big day, have you gotten your teams together yet?



No Child Wet Behind

Every day, families in our community struggle to provide baby care items to keep them happy and healthy. 

Diaper need affects one in three families, creating a very real need in our community. 

Disposable diapers are actually more expensive at corner stores and pharmacies in low income areas, costing a family over $80 each month to outfit their baby in clean disposable diapers. Stretching the time between changing can create serious health risks for children and their families and severely damaging the quality of life for many infants. 

No Child Wet Behind sets out to change these statistics, improving the life of babies, infants and toddlers one fresh diaper at a time.

We're teaming up with sponsors to benefit The Nest, a local center for women, children and families in need. 

The Nest

In the 1970s, Lexington combined the Lexington Child Abuse Council and the Women’s Center of Central Kentucky to create The Nest. This organization provides resources and education that families in crisis need to live healthier and independent lifestyles. They offer women in the Lexington area childcare, crisis management, domestic violence counseling and advocacy, parent education and support. Our No Child Wet Behind fundraiser and 5K event hopes to raise money and diapers for this amazing organization in our community. 

How to Get Involved

Does this call to action speak to you?

There's tons of ways to help benefit our No Child Wet Behind Event this year. Whether you're taking part in the race, donating money or diapers to our drive or just spreading the word about the cause you are doing your part to make a real difference in the lives of families right here in Lexington. Raising awareness is the first step and taking action is the second. No matter how big or small your step is, you are making the world of difference for a family that needs your compassion and more importantly, your help. 

Benefits of Sponsorship

We're fortunate to have a list of sponsorship that continues to grow as the event gets bigger. This annual 5K event draws crowds from surrounding cities and even states as we band together for this incredible cause. Baby Moon and our other generous sponsors are connecting with local families through this event, networking with other brands that share similar values and coverage on Lex18 News May 12th throughout the event. Our sponsors help us make the No Child Wet Behind incredibly successful for not only our beneficiaries but to the community that keeps our this event a successful contribution to our friends, family and neighbors. 

With this event right around the corner, we call on our community to help us make a change for families in our area. 

Support in whatever capacity helps our children stay healthy and gives families a fighting chance to transcend the limitations of poverty and the social problem of diaper need. Join us at our 5K and support this event however you can and help us make an amazing difference.




Spring Cleaning Before Baby

With your baby's due date right around the corner, you probably have a mile long to-do list. 

By now, you've probably had a baby shower cluttering your nursery with hundreds of tiny outfits, baby supplies and stuffed animals.  Before you can sit back and relax with the last few weeks to go, you have a little spring cleaning on your hands. 

Before you panic that you're in over your head, we put together some tips and tricks to help you get organized before your baby's big arrival. 

Organization Strategies

The best way to stay organized it to keep everything conveniently within reach. Expert organizers recommend keeping your changing table stocked with your products together in a container. Drawer organizers help keep tiny clothes and supplies neatly organized in dressers and shoe bags over the door can also be a great way to store small or awkward shaped baby items. Keep a changing station in various spots throughout the house in case of emergencies or for quick, convenient changes. 

Baby Safe Cleaning Products

In the last few weeks before your due date, your busy schedule keeps house cleaning on the back burner. Before you bring home your new baby, some tidying up is in order. Lots of cleaning products on the market can do more harm than good. We put together a go-to guide for moms to be looking for a good list of safe supplies to stock up on. 


  • Ecover Zero Laundry Detergent and/or Fit Organic Baby Laundry Detergent
  • Grab Green Bleach Alternative Pods
  • OxiClean Laundry Baby Stain Soaker, Fit Organic Baby Laundry Stain Remover, or Babyganics Stain Eraser, Fragrance Free


  • Puracy Natural Dish Soap
  • Seventh Generation Dishwasher Pods
  • Sun & Earth Dishwashing Liquid Extra Concentrated, Light Citrus or biokleen Automatic Dishwasher Liquid
  • Seventh Generation Rinse Aid, Free & Clear


  • Puracy Natural Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • Citra-Solv Citra Clear Window & Glass Cleaner
  • Seventh Generation Natural Tub & Tile Cleaner, Emerald Cypress & Fir
  • Seventh Generation Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Emerald Cypress & Fir
  • Whole Foods Market green MISSION Organic All-Purpose Spray Cleaner & Degreaser, Lemon Zest
  • Babyganics Floor Cleaner Concentrate, Fragrance Free

DIY Cleaning Supplies

If you still feel uneasy about store-bought cleaning supplies, the DIY route might be a good alternative for you. Homemade cleaners can not only be simple to make but also cost effective. These cleaners are safe to use while you're pregnant or even after you bring home baby.

Lemon & Tea Tree Disinfecting All-Purpose Cleaner

Disinfecting Cleaner: Combine ½ cup warm water, ½ white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice into a spray bottle. Add 15 drops of tea tree oil. To spruce up the lemon scent, add a few drops of lemongrass essential oil as well. Put on the lid and shake well to combine all of the ingredients. Tea tree oil is a natural anti-bacterial agent, as well as a fungicide and germicide, so you can kill the germs without using harsh chemicals.

Tub and Tile Scrubber

Tub and Tile Scrubber: Mix 1 ⅝” cups baking soda, ½ cup liquid soap, and ½ cup water. Mix thoroughly then add 2 tablespoons white vinegar. Apply immediately, scrub, and wipe. For a mildly abrasive scouring scrub, just blend baking soda and plant-based liquid soap to your preferred consistency.

Family-Friendly Floor Cleaner

Family-Friendly Floor Cleaner: Fill a bucket with about one gallon of warm water. Add ¼ cup of white vinegar and a few drops of all-natural liquid soap. Mix well, then use the solution to mop your floors. This solution is safe for most types of floors, including wood and laminate. If your floors are ceramic or a delicate stone like marble, do not use vinegar. Instead, mix a few drops of a pH-neutral soap or cleaner with water to clean the floors.

Even with some tricks up your sleeve, cleaning can be exhausting in your late stages of pregnancy. 

Take it easy when tackling chores and cleaning, and small projects at a time. Before you know it, your new baby will be home and you can concentrate on the first few days bonding with your family's newest addition. 



The Best Doula in Lexington

It's a question that comes up frequently in Facebook groups and forums. It's something that people ask their midwives, doctors, and good friends. The birth of a baby is a day that is vitally important and only the best will do,  so who do you turn to?

One thing is for certain, our clients love us! Doctors, midwives, and even nurses are sending friends and family to us at alarming rates and we are bursting at the seams. Truly the biggest compliment we get is through referrals and we are grateful each and every time it occurs. 

When someone on a mom's group asks who the best doula in Lexington is, I want to shout from the rooftops, "The Birth Haven!" Obviously doing so would be weird, so I sit back an watch all of our clients chime in with beautiful compliments.

" It was so comforting to have her at my side the whole time helping me physically and emotionally. She's so knowledgable about the whole process. My husband was also very grateful to have her as part of our team. I highly recommend her!"
" I am a relatively strong willed person and she was calm and supportive without coming across as challenging or questioning of my requests or decisions. She was physical when I needed it and supportive verbally when I didn't want to be touched and she knew when to do each. I have already asked her to be with us for our next little one."
"She was able to keep me (and my husband!) calm. She made me feel good about my decision to end up getting the epidural (even though I originally didn't want one) and was so supportive the entire process. I think if she hadn't been there, I would have beaten myself up about changing my birth plan. It was incredibly reassuring knowing that we had her with us."
"I can't imagine my birth without The Birth Haven. From my first conversation to the postpartum visit, I was cared for. Since this is their profession, I knew they would be at my birth without a doubt and that gave me a huge sense of relief. My doula supported me through my planned cesarean. She was there before I went back and kept me calm during and immediately after. I was so thankful she was there to help initiate breastfeeding in the operating room and genuinely wanted to help me have the kind of delivery I wanted to have."
"We struggled with bringing home our baby. We were exhausted and depleted. The Birth Haven sent in doulas who truly supported the way we wanted to parent. They helped us get sleep during the night and helped with household tasks during the day. It was nice to have an expert in our home who didn't tell us how we should be doing things, but instead offered suggestions when we asked. Hands down, having a postpartum doula was priceless."
"I knew nothing about twins. It became very evident after arriving home that needed an extra set of experienced hands to help us out. Our doulas cared for us and our babies with such compassion and kindness. I highly recommend The Birth Haven."

My heart grows with the beautiful things people say about us. For the longest time I was worried about how it would look if I proclaimed we were the best, but not anymore. I'm proud of what we have accomplished over the last few years here at The Birth Haven. I'm proud that providers trust us with the care of their patients. I'm honored to have clients come back second, third, and forth times.  I'm happy to say that we are the best doulas in Lexington, KY.

Interested in finding out more about what we offer? Contact us



Boosting Your Immune System During the Holidays

What can make the holidays more of a challenge? Getting sick.

With all the stress this time of year and traveling to every shopping center under the sun, we're all at high risk to spending the holidays sick on the couch. You'd be surprised how easy it is to give your immune system a boost to fight off these viruses floating around.

A few extra precautions and some immune system boosting will keep you sipping eggnog this season instead of DayQuil. 

Skip the Mall

Malls are overcrowded, stressful and full of germs. People are out shopping through their sickness and coughing onto every surface and you'll bring those germs right home with all your gifts. Whenever possible, shop online and skip the malls. You'll avoid the crowds while you shop comfortably from your couch online sipping coffee. Talk about wonderful when your packages arrive right to your doorstep. Sorry malls, you can't compete with the beauty of online shopping. If you do need to be out and about, wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face. Germs and viruses enter your body through your eyes, nose and mouth and touching your face at all is risky business if you're not trying to get sick. 

Stock up on Superfoods

A healthy immune system starts with your belly. Combating all the rich foods we eat during the holidays, incorporating more superfoods into your diet will give you the antioxidants your body needs to fight off winter viruses. Dark leafy greens, broths, and vitamin c rich citrus fruits should make their way into your day to keep your body refreshed. Probiotics also help promote better digestive health which provides an immune system boost and keeps you from feeling bloated. When you eat better you'll sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed to start each day. Plan your weekly meals around immune system boosting foods to give the whole family a fighting chance against the flu this time of year. 

Focus on Self Care

It's the time of selfless giving, but don't forget to take care of yourself. Focus on your self care routine each day, starting the day with a good breakfast and devoting some time to unwinding before bed. Stress lowers our resistance to illness and this is one of the most stressful times of the year. Take a bath or watch your favorite show, however you can unwind and relax after a long day of holiday shopping, errands and party planning. You'll feel a little more festive when you wake up well rested and the rest of your family will follow your lead. 

Boosting your immune system is easier than you think. 

Make some healthy lifestyle changes this time of year and you'll head into the holidays feeling your best and avoid the winter plagues with your new and improved immune system! 

Help the cause even further by teaching your kids about how to stay healthy during the holidays and make healthier lifestyle choices. 

Have a happy and healthy holiday season from The Birth Haven!




Surviving the Holidays

The Holiday season is almost upon us, and with small children or a newborn that means a little more chaos. 

Whenever families gather together nothing ever seems to go according to plan or even smoothly for that matter and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Looking back on past holidays you might wonder how you've even survived this long with how hectic the holiday season gets. From gifts to get-togethers there's no true test of strength quite like surviving an action packed holiday season. 

Set the Tone

It's easy to fall victim to the stress of the season, but remember that kids can smell your fear. Staying a little extra calm and collected will give your kids a good model for their own behavior, encouraging everyone to stay a little more positive and holly jolly. Sometimes that's easier said than done, but it's worth remembering that this is the season of giving and being thankful for everything we have and stressing about small things discourages the positive message for everyone. If you have a child with special needs, this calming center will be soothing for them once environments get a little uncomfortable or outside their control.

Make a Plan 

Being a little extra prepared never hurt anyone, in fact when it comes to planning a holiday event you can never be "too prepared." With little ones running around it can be difficult to focus attention on the tasks at hand. Make plans for kids to stay involved or occupied whether its setting up to entertain or packing up to travel. Keep some activities and welcome distractions on hand for car trips and ways for the little ones to keep themselves entertained while visiting family. Plan a little extra time into your holiday schedule for meltdowns, tantrums and create a buffer for any bump that's bound to happen along the way. Be understanding when your baby gets a little stressed out and communicate to your host that you have an escape plan in the case of small disasters or terrible twos.


Whether it be taking that extra moment to relax and collect your thoughts or to ease up on your usual routine, try to let things roll off instead of piling up. Things will get burnt or broken, you'll be late to dinner and the dog will escape down the street in the snow. You'll forget the pacifier at home and your kids will get carsick...into your purse. Things happen! Most of these things are beyond the control of even the strongest willed mother and for whatever reason this becomes more true than ever before when you're trying to make successful holiday plans. Learn to laugh off the things you can't control and remember that these will all be memories we can't ever forget. Give yourself a moment to breathe when you feel overwhelmed and remember it's all going to work out. 

Ask for Help

Don't be a hero! There's just too much for you to do on your own and quite frankly a little help goes a long way. Are your kids under-foot? Try giving them a task to help you in the kitchen like stirring potatoes or arranging bread in a basket. More helping hands sorting out small tasks will keep your holidays feeling like a well oiled machine instead of a where's waldo poster. To keep tensions low, consider the way you ask for help. Instead of using words that seem threatening or demanding, a conversational tone will work wonders on even the fussiest of kids and relatives. Remember that teamwork makes the dream work, especially during the holidays.

We all find ourselves in quite the whirlwind of emotions during the holidays.

Keep it simple. 

Don't underestimate a little extra help during the holidays or a few extra moments to relax and recollect yourself. Let the little things go and keep your cool, everyone will follow your lead. 



Halloween Safety 101



Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year!

From the scent of  freshly carved pumpkins to the crunch of freshly fallen leaves, it’s no wonder Halloween memories are some of the sweetest.

Families get the opportunity to dress up and adventure around the neighborhood collecting their favorite treats with friends. And although the Halloween risks aren’t like those of our parents’ generation, safety should still be a big priority while planning the evening’s activities.

We put together a list of our go-to safety tips to make your family’s Halloween a safe and memorable one!


Keep Costumes Safe

Without compromising the integrity of a quality costume idea, some added safety precautions can make a big difference with your excited little ones. Attaching a small reflector or blinking pin or the front and back of your child’s costume can help increase visibility when crossing the road at dusk and always keep them in your sight and under close watch.


Makeup Over Masks

Masks can be super scary and tie a character together, but for tiny faces it might become difficult to see at night. Costumes with low visibility increase the risk of falls and scraped knees are not the ideal costume accessory. Choosing makeup instead of a mask will keep faces free and clear. Choosing a hypoallergenic makeup will keep sensitive skin from breaking out. Avoid grease paint and go for a water activated cake makeup that is not only easier to apply but it dries comfortably, we recommend Wolfe Brothers makeup.


Travel in Packs

Traveling in larger groups is obviously the better option when going door to door around the neighborhood. Parents should work out a system that has one or two adults walking to the house with the kids and the rest standing by the street or walkway. This makes sure none of the kids go up to the house unattended and the candy going in their bags is closely monitored.


Treaters Beware

Although it’s rare for candy to be maliciously tampered with, there are other serious risks to keep in mind when checking your children’s Halloween candy. Allergies are a huge risk factor with small children and if your child has severe allergies to nuts, dairy or gluten sensitivities, be sure to monitor what goes into their treat pail at neighbors doors and to sort through candy that may be open or will cause potential risks. Keep in mind some smaller candy will pose choking hazards or contain things like gum that aren’t recommended for small kids.

Here’s some more tips for checking your kids’ Halloween candy this year.


Halloween can be an incredibly fun night out for the whole family without compromising safety.

Communicate with neighbors about times to begin trick or treating and ways that you can make your neighborhood trick or treater friendly and safer for smaller children, kids with disabilities, and known allergy risks.

Talk to your kids about the importance of safety on Halloween night leading up to their trick or treating experience and before you head out!



Lexington's Ice Cream Hall of Fame

Nothing says summertime more like an ice cream cone. 

Making summer memories with your family can be simple and sweet. 

Lexington has some ice cream destinations to make your family's summer a little bit sweeter. No matter what your favorite flavor is, our local ice cream top five will satisfy any sweet tooth.

1. Crank and Boom Ice Cream Lounge

Our first stop might just be the coolest ice cream shop in Kentucky. Crank and Boom features an inviting atmosphere with an interesting assortment of craft ice cream flavors. There's no mistake that this ice cream spot is Lexington's most popular, with bright and fresh local ingredients. Whether you go straight for the quirky flavors like blueberry lime cheesecake or opt for a more traditional float, Crank and Boom can't be beat.

2. Graeter's Ice Cream

If you're looking for a more classic ice cream parlor experience, Graeter's is the place to go. Graeter's has vintage malt shop classics from shakes and floats to sundaes complete with home made toppings. Going on a family outing? They even offers a complete to-go ice cream party in a box kept chilled for up to 8 hours on dry ice.This Lexington staple is a family friendly ice cream pit stop that the whole family can enjoy. 

3. The Sweet Spot

This diamond in the rough is home to some of Lexington's sweetest treats. Satisfy your mid-day sweet tooth with one of the cake truffles or desserts to go with your favorite ice cream. This charming spot draws a lunchtime crowd with their freshly made confections and irresistible ice cream treats. Make The Sweet Spot your next lunchtime pit stop, complete with friendly service and a delicious dessert (Or two).

4. Sav's Chill

If you crave crazy flavors, Sav's Chill should be your first stop. Flavors here will not disappoint and they'll be sure to bring out your wild side. If you're an ice cream purist, your traditional favorites are still safe here so there's no need to worry. Decadent gelato and fresh fruit sorbet are regular staples at Sav's. Make your next trip for ice cream a little more adventurous with their signature "Bourbon Ball" or the "Hot Banana", who knows if you'll ever go back to plain ol' vanilla. 

5. Sorella Gelateria

Sometimes you need a little more fancy in your life, and Italian gelato is artfully fancy. Fresh gelato is second to none in the dessert world, as ice cream's sultry Italian cousin. Gelato is super rich, velvety and has the bold flavors that keep Lexington captivated and wanting more. At Sorella Gelateria, their gelato is expertly crafted in small batches to keep flavors fresh and exciting each time you visit. Whenever you're in the mood to indulge, Lexington's Sorella Gelateria should definitely make the top of your list. 

Now that we are completely craving some local ice cream, we hope your family finds their new favorite ice cream spot in Lexington from our ice cream hall of fame!

Now the only question scoop or two?

Make summer memories a little sweeter.



Placenta Encapsulation: No Place Like Home

When it comes to placenta encapsulation, there's no place like home. 

Our placenta specialists want to make sure your encapsulation is a safe and professional experience, where you're welcome to watch the process and ask questions all in the familiar space of your own home. 


What are the Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation?

After childbirth, a woman's body has a lot of physical and emotional healing to do.

Placenta encapsulation offers a wide range of benefits that help women balance their chemistry during the postpartum period, restoring their hormones to their normal state.

Women can experience improved mood, increased milk production, and a shorter postpartum recovery. This all natural process has little to no negative side affects and has been a postpartum healing method for centuries in cultures around the world. 


Your placenta is precious cargo!

The transportation of your placenta is a delicate process in itself. Placing the responsibility to transport the placenta in the client's possession is added peace of mind. From here, families can be aware of the placenta's whereabouts and control the environment the placenta is stored. 

Your placenta should never have to leave your sight and your specialist comes to you to prepare this extraordinary holistic medicine. 


Why Encapsulate in Home? 

Encapsulating placenta is a meticulous process that requires sterilization from start to finish. Storing your placenta shouldn't be a mystery and we believe it should stay in your possession from birth to finished product. 

When the placenta preparation takes place at the client's home, they are in control of the environment and can be completely comfortable with the preparation area. 

In home encapsulation is the only standard to ensure that the placenta is being processed in a completely sterile environment and providing a personal experience each client can trust. 


What Sets Us Apart?

Our team of placenta encapsulation specialists are certified by ProDoula and are professionally trained to handle and prepare placenta for safe consumption.

We educate families about the benefits of placenta encapsulation and always encourage them to participate by asking questions or watching the process take place.

Our passionate team is setting out to create an experience for families and uphold the high standards in the field of placenta prep.

Our specialists only encapsulate in the homes of our clients to ensure the safest storage and preparation environment, where we can provide a quality product for healing mothers. 

If you are looking for more information about placenta encapsulation and how this process can help restore your postpartum health, consult with us. 

A Birth Haven Postpartum Placenta Specialist will walk you through the process, keeping you in the loop of what to expect, benefits and known side effects. 







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World Breastfeeding Week

Around the world, people are celebrating World Breastfeeding Week. At The Birth Haven, we celebrate all of your accomplishments. Whether you've breastfed exclusively, pumped and bottle fed, or done a combination of feeding methods, we want you to know you mean the world to your baby and to us! If breastfeeding was easy for you, we celebrate you! If breastfeeding was a struggle due to having a preemie, tongue tie, or NICU stay, we celebrate you. At The Birth Haven we know that all families are doing the best they can and are caring for their babies in a way that is healthy and loving. No matter how your baby is fed, know we are here cheering you on. If you chose to breastfeed your baby, we would love to know for how long. Feel free to comment below and we will celebrate every single latch!

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Summer and Sun Safety

Summertime is something to celebrate. It means days in the warm sun, parties and vacations. There is however a serious side to summer that can potentially injure you and your family. Take charge with tips and tricks to keeping your family safe during all your fun summer activities. 

Sun Protection for 6 Months and Under

Infants under 6 months should be kept out of the sun as much as possible. According to the skin cancer foundation, babies under 6 months old are extremely susceptible to damaging UV rays. With skin too sensitive to sunscreen preventive measures should be taken to reduce the risk of exposure to the sun's harsh rays.

  • Invest in protection for your car's windows. UV rays can creep right into your windows while your baby is nestled in their carseat. Reduce these rays by up to 100%* by using UV films and mesh sun guards
  • Lightweight clothing that covers as much as possible and large sun hats are not only adorable summer baby fashion but seriously protect skin from exposure to sun damage and injury. 
  • Limit outdoor activity with little ones to early morning and dinnertime while the sun is at it's most mild.

When possible keep your baby cool indoors, keep them hydrated and bathe them with cool (not freezing!) water when they get too hot. Pay attention to signs that your baby is becoming overwhelmed by the heat including red or flushed skin, perspiration, or in severe cases dizziness or shakes. 

Sun Protection for 6 Months to One Year

Once your little one is over 6 months old, baby safe sunscreens are safe to use and should be applied properly and routinely throughout their exposure to the sun.  Choosing tear-free formulas will be safer to use around the face and eyes. 

Apply sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15+ onto any exposed skin including scalp, hands, face and feet. If you are using a spray, spray in your hands first and rub gently into their skin to avoid missing any areas. Sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before you even venture outside and every 2 hours afterward. 

Continue to monitor symptoms of heat exhaustion and make sure your baby is hydrated and inside whenever possible. 

Sun Protection for Toddlers and Up

For the older and more active toddler in your life continue your sunscreen regimen and a waterproof or sport is typically longer lasting on your little ones. 

summer clothing should be lightweight and breathable but also covered. Scalps, the back of the neck and shoulders are particularly susceptible to sunburns. 

Keep outdoor playtime early in the day or in the evening and daytime outdoor activity should be as shady as possible. Keep hydrated and remember to use sunscreen even if you and your children are going swimming. Even waterproof sunscreen needs to be reapplied regularly.

Sunglasses and sun hats are your best friend and will keep your eyes and head thoroughly protected. They even make baby sunglasses!

Sun Protection for the Whole Family

Eat Smart for Summer Health

Eat smaller more frequent meals that replenish lost nutrients. Freeze fruits and veggies into popsicles for a quick cool down that wont slow you down. Hydrate constantly and choose water and homemade flavored water instead of sugary drinks high in sodium. Sodas will dehydrate you even more with all their added sodium. 

Healthy Skin for the Win

Remember to moisturize your skin every day to combat harsh damage over drying from the sun. For sunburns keep an aloe plant or put some aloe aftercare gel in the refrigerator for soothing relief for painful sunburns. For very sad very sunburned little ones, stick them in a cool water bath with some oatmeal and chamomile tea bags. Chamomile and oatmeal will soothe irritation as the damage repairs itself. 

For grown ups, use the chamomile trick on a sunburnt face. Soak chamomile teabags in cool water and place them on your face, refreshing them in the cool water every so often. This is a chemical free alternative to after care sprays and feels amazing on that sunburnt nose. 

Heat Exhaustion Is Real

Heat exhaustion doesn't discriminate based on age, complexion, or fitness level. Extreme heat and dehydration will drain your energy and cause fatigue. Allow yourself to rest from yard work, take constant breaks indoors or in the shade and keep water nearby. 

The dangers of summer sun and heat shouldn't scare you away from having a good time and celebrating the season with your family. Be prepared when you leave the house and educate your family on what to do in case of heat exhaustion or sunburns. Prevention will keep your skin safe from painful sunburns and protect your skin from long term damage caused by UV exposure. 

The Birth Haven wishes you and your family a SAFE summer. 




Pregnancy and Postpartum Classes & Support Groups in Lexington Kentucky

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 10.00.44 PM.png


We have been doing a bit of reconfiguring here at The Birth Haven and wanted to fill you in on the updates to our prenatal and postpartum support groups and classes

Are you looking for pregnancy support groups and classes in Lexington Kentucky? 

Are you looking for postpartum support group and classes in Lexington Kentucky? 

Look no further. The Birth Haven AND Baby Moon have you covered! 

As you may know, Baby Moon and The Birth Haven share the same location (2891 Richmond Rd # 103, Lexington, KY 40509) and we will be offering a variety of prenatal and postpartum support groups and classes meant to benefit you and your growing family.

CENTERING | The Birth Haven's non-medical group prenatal visit

Centering is a group class that brings expectant families in Lexington, and the surrounding areas, together to learn laugh and grow. This class will help you and your partner prepare a postpartum plan that will provide you with what you need as a new family. This class covers topics that include, but are not limited to, birth plan writing, childbirth education Q&A sessions. 

Woman to Woman | The Birth Haven's female only gathering

Our ladies only gathering, Woman to Woman, is a support group that gives local moms and moms-to-be an opportunity to relate to each other on a variety of motherhood related topics through candid discussions. We welcome all mothers, from our pregnant clients, all the way to postpartum women with baby in arms! Feel free to bring a friend to this support group. Just remember, women only. 

All clients of The Birth Haven are welcome to both the Centering and Woman to Woman group gatherings.

Baby Moon | Transitions: Bringing Baby Home

Covering the essentials of newborn care, this postpartum prep class dives deep into topics including cord care, bathing, diapering, sleep schedules, feeding schedules, postpartum recovery and more. We also cover the emotional side of the postpartum period. Learn to navigate the early stages of parenthood, cope with postpartum hormones and learn how to identify the warning signs of postpartum mood disorders. 

Consider this class a guide to your family's momentous transition.

Baby Moon | Breastfeeding 1: The Essentials

As natural as breastfeeding is, it still very much a learned skill for mother and baby that requires patients and persistence. Baby Moon's Breastfeeding Essentials class will give you key information that will help ease into breastfeeding with your baby. This specialized breastfeeding class is taught by a breastfeeding expert and Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

Baby Moon | Breastfeeding 2: Pumping & being away from your baby while breastfeeding

The focus of this class is to maintain a happy and healthy connection between you and your baby while breastfeeding. In this class we cover how to continue breastfeeding successfully when apart from your baby. You will also learn the ins and outs of pumping, how and when to introduce a bottle, and how to keep up your milk supply while you are away from your baby. This class also covers how to safely pump, store, reheat, and serve breast milk.

This class is essential for those planning to return to work, and also appropriate for anyone who plans to be away from their baby while breastfeeding.

Baby Moon | Birth Preparation

Attending a childbirth class has many perks. You not only walk away from this class knowing the hows and whys of childbirth, you also leave fully understanding all of YOUR options for YOUR birth. While you are writing your birth plan it will be extremely beneficial to be able to make an informed decision about how you want your birth to go. 

Baby Moon | 5 Week Childbirth Series

The main focus of the class is preparing you physically and mentally for a safe and satisfying birthing experience. A wide range of important topics are covered from prenatal exercise and nutrition to newborn procedures.

This series should be completed before about 37 weeks of pregnancy, to allow time for further planning and practice based on what you've learned.

Baby Moon | Hypnobabies 

Hypnobabies is a 6-week complete childbirth education course that incorporates real medical hypnosis techniques for easier and more comfortable births. Hypnobabies assists in eliminating fears that are often associated with childbirth. Each registrant receives a tote bag filled with a Hypnobabies workbook, script booklet, handout folder, multiple mp3 cards, and more.

Our students leave calm, confident and ready to enter their birth with reassurance and understanding. Register now—these popular classes fill fast!

Baby Moon | Childbirth Express

This class is meant for those who cannot commit to a long series for their childbirth education. We have condensed this informative class into a one day format. Because our class sizes are kept small, we are able to provide personal attention and tailor the information to meet the needs of each individual class. This ensures that even in this intensive format, you will leave with your big questions answered, feeling more confident and more prepared.

Baby Moon | Labor Workshop/ The Refresher

This comfort measures and labor support workshop provides you with specific tools for coping with labor, providing partner support, and navigating your birth setting. This class is also great for couples who have already experienced childbirth who are looking for a 'refresher'.

Together, The Birth Haven and Baby Moon are excited to be giving expectant couples prenatal and postpartum support groupsclasses and resources to apply to through their journey through parenthood. 



Self Care Is Not Selfish, It Is a Necessity.

The Birth Haven Blog

With Mother's Day quickly approaching, The Birth Haven has been focusing on health and self care.

When we do not take care of ourselves, we cannot adequately care for those around us!

Self care is NOT selfish, it is a necessity. Mother's often  have an overwhelming amount of responsibility on their plate, being pulled in a million directions and not getting very much sleep. Self care becomes a means of survival and The Birth Haven knows just the things you need in order to begin taking time for yourself.

Motherhood begins 9 months prior to that bouncing bundle of joy joining the outside world and continues as a lifelong journey. Although different for everyone, the physical and emotional impacts of pregnancy and post baby affect all women. Whether you are feeling worn down, out of shape or some sort of crazy, The Birth Haven recommends beginning a prenatal fitness routine. 

Exercise is proven to have several benefits to a person's mental health as well as physical. 

When you exercise, your body releases serotonin, the happy stuff. Not only will your mental state benefit from a regular fitness plan, but keeping your body in great health keeps your baby in great health too. You may even be able to fight off some sickness and fatigue as well! 

Although it  may sound a little intimidating, there are vast amount of fitness routines and exercises you can do throughout your entire pregnancy and after your baby arrives.

If you are in the Lexington area, our top choice for a prenatal fitness class is Baby Moon.

Baby Moon offers Prenatal Yoga which focuses on strength, centering and preparing a mother for birth as well as Mom and Baby Yoga classes for after your baby arrives. Connecting mothers to one another, strengthening the body and giving unconditional support are all common themes with Baby Moon classes.

Need a massage to melt away the aches of pregnancy or the stress of new parenthood? Be sure to book a Belly Bliss massage from specially trained Prenatal Massage therapists, Tatsiana and Caitlin. Pain will melt away and worries will fade as tension and stress are eliminated through massage suited to your individual needs. Massage appointments and gift certificates can be booked through Baby Moon and make the perfect gift for mothers to be as well as Grandma, if you're  still looking for that perfect last minute gift!

Whether you are pregnant, have your first baby at home or parent multiple children, The Rhythm Within could be the perfect gift to yourself. The Rhythm Within is a 2 disc set that was made for active and transitional labor but can also be used for so much more. This birth music mimics the sound of a woman's heartbeat at 80 bpm creating a calm, soothing atmosphere. The greatest thing about this cd is that you can use it for your yoga routines, meditation, putting the kids down for a nap or to even help you get much needed rest at night. 

The Rhythm Within is available for purchase on the ProDoula website. 


The Birth Haven Blog - The Rhythm Within

Do you have plans for Mother's Day already? Do you want to drop your spouse a hint for fun things to do this Mother's Day? The Birth Haven did a little research to help plan your day.

Brunch at Brasserie Provence featuring a 3 course menu, seating from 11am to 2pm so call and make a reservation today or book online here

If French isn't quite your taste, try Le Moo in Louisville for steak and several special dietary options or visit the Village Anchor right here in Lexington for brunch or dinner. Again as a reminder, reservations will fill up quickly so you better grab an open table while they're still available!

After dining, sit back and enjoy the view on the Bluegrass Scenic Railroad as you wander through the countryside house farms. This is a great way to spend Mother's Day with the kids. They are offering half price admission for Mom's on May 8th. 

If you are expecting or a new mother looking for some nurturing support, please contact The Birth Haven to find out what our professional doulas can do for you. We offer a wide array of services for birth, postpartum and much more.  Need a good night sleep? Our postpartum doulas can do just that and more! Whether you care for yourself through fitness, massage, music, food or postpartum doula care, let us help make this a Mother's day you will never forget! For weekly updates follow us on Instagram and Pinterest and like us on Facebook.